Lea Michele Talks ‘Funny Girl’ and How to Get Songs Out of Your Head

Lea Michele is everywhere this week– Fallon, Good Morning America, Kelly and Michael— and she took the time to check in with Craig and Company to talk about her biggest year yet, her new single “Cannonball” and more.

Before hitting the show circuit to promote her brand new album Louder, Lea Michele cut out early from the Oscar parties in Hollywood to come back to New York and get ready to help promote her latest labor of love.  Starring on the hit Fox show Glee while also recording her album has made Lea appreciate the importance of balance… even if it’s left her with very little spare time.

“It’s a long week,” she admitted of her hectic schedule.  “I work at Glee Monday through Friday, and then Saturdays and Sundays, my only days off, would be put into making this record.”

However, her time in New York has been a blessing for her, as she’s had the time to reconnect with her loved ones.  “Everything at Glee is really great, we’re filming a lot of it in New York, which is so fun,” she said.  “My family is here, my friends are here, I get to come home and have an excuse to hang out with them.”

Michele has come a long way since performing Spring Awakening on Broadway right before her big break on Glee, but the rumors recently have suggested she may return to the stage for Funny Girl on Broadway.  However, the singer and actress says fans shouldn’t hold their breath.  “Funny Girl is such an amazing movie and such an amazing show, and to even attempt to step into Barbara Streisand’s shoes for minute would be incredible,” she admitted. “But right now I’m really focused on this album… it’s all about recording this record, and I’m literally already starting to think about making my next one.”

While a return to Broadway may not be in the immediate future, the Glee star will spend her down time between seasons giving back to her fans, with a world tour showcasing her music.  “I have a small window of time over the summer between Season 5 and Season 6 of Glee,” she explained.  “My fans have been so wonderful and so supportive… not only here in the US, but worldwide. I really want to take my time in June to go overseas and get to see my fans in Brazil and Argentina and thank them for all of their support.”

Despite some very positive advance reviews of her new album, Michele says she never forgets that her fans are the most important people to her.  “I really feel like at the end of the day, I made this record for my fans,” she said.  “What matters is that the kids and the fans that I gained from Glee, that they love it and find it inspiring and joyful and fun.”

Lea is no stranger to catchy music, between the iconic pop songs covered on Glee and her own tunes.  But she did share a secret trick of the trade to help prevent an infectuously catchy song from overstaying its welcome in your head.  “I heard if you get a song stuck in your head, all you have to do is start singing ‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles, and that song will get any other song out of your head,” she said.  We’ll have to try that the next time “Cannonball” gets stuck in there!

–Bill Sencio, 96.5TIC

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