By Lisa Gold

Many of us at 96.5 TIC are quite the pet enthusiasts. In fact, Damon Scott always shares the latest pets up for adoption or various fundraisers for homeless pets in Connecticut!!  I also adore animals!  More specifically, I’m quite the feline enthusiast!

Now, it’s not unusual to see pics of celebrities toting their beloved canines all around Hollywood.  But which celebs love kittehs?  Let’s lurk their Instagram accounts and share the whiskers and purrs!  Some of these cat lovers may even surprise you!

1.  Taylor Swift  –  Her cat, Meredith (named after Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy), accompanies her all over the world when she tours!  Taylor loves to post pics and videos of the adorable Scottish-Fold on her social media accounts!   Meredith even has her own Twitter account (although no word on if that one is official).  Get more Meredith on Taylor’s Instagram!

2.  Zac Efron –  He grew up with pets.  Two dogs and a Siamese cat named Simon. And really, who doesn’t love a hot man holding a kitten?!?  This is Zac Efron holding a kitten!  I REPEAT — ZAC EFRON HOLDING A KITTEN!  And Zac Efron with a kitten on his shoulder.  Zac Efron and kittens should always be a thing.  Because.  Yeah.  RAWR.

3.  Annalynne McCord – Remember manipulative and pretentious Naomi Clark on the CW’s 90210?  It’s hard to believe someone like her character could love kitties, but Annalynne adores them!  In fact, she hosted last year’s Catdance Film Festival Awards!  (Yes, there is such a thing and I want to go!!!!)  Check out her adorable cats on her Instagram!  (She shares pics of horses, too!)

4. Katy Perry – Her fans are called “Katy Cats.”   Two of her fragrances are called Purr and Meow; both of which come in cat-shaped bottles. One of her hit songs is called “Roar!”  She also hopes to erase the stigma attached to the “crazy cat lady” stereotype.  In a 2011 interview with UK magazine More she said, “I am obsessed with cats. I’m kind of trying to make that cat-lady personality cool. I want it to be chic.”  Oh and her own cat’s name is Kitty Purry!  She is basically my spirit animal and we’d be besties IRL!  (Psst!  If you want to win tickets to see her sold out show at Mohegan Sun, click HERE!)

5. James Franco – He says he was raised as a cat person and even admits that he often arrives to red carpet events with cat hair on his clothes.  (It’s an accessory, tbh!) Last year, he even released his own cat calendar!  Here’s a pic of James cuddling with his furry pals, Zelda and Sammy!  OMG!!!!!

6. Chris Colfer – The Glee star is such a doting cat dad!!!  His Instagram is filled with adorable pics of his awesome cat, Brian.  He even dresses his cat up for Halloween!  Basically, his Instagram account is just filled with feline win!!  And proof that celebrity pets are just like ours — haha!!!

7. Lea Michele – Kitty love is popular among the Glee cast as Lea Michele rescued her cat, Sheila, from under a bush right on the Paramount lot!  Co-star Heather Morris even adopted Sheila’s brother!  Awwwww!  Watch Lea tell Ellen the whole story!  Oh and Lea just posted this sweet pic a couple of weeks ago on her Instagram!  (Sidebar:  If you’re a Gleek and a cat lover, you know and love Lord Tubbington!)

8. Ricky Gervais – The English comedian is smitten with his cat, Ollie, who is an absolutely gorgeous Siamese!!  He also gushed about his baby on The Ellen Show!  Hmm, it seems everyone likes to gush about their pets when they visit Ellen, which brings me to…

9.  Ellen DeGeneres – The comedian, Oscars host, and daytime diva is always talking about pets with her guests — just one of the many reasons why her show is always such a joy to watch!  Ellen is also very active in promoting animal rights and charities.  She has two cats, Charlie and Chairman, and posted this awesome video of their mewsings of “Cat Week” on their mamma’s talk show.

10. Ian Somerhalder – Akin to what I said about Zac Efron, OH EM GEE!  Hot guys and cats just always needs to be a thing!  The Vampire Diaries star refers to his cat, Moke, as his kid.  I can’t even with all the adorableness!  Ian even posed with Moke in People Magazine for his Sexiest Man Alive shoot last year.  And he literally just posted this pic on Instagram a couple of hours ago!   Guhh.  So cute.

11. Howard Stern – I think I audibly gasped when I found out that Howard Stern adores kittens!  He’s known for being brash, so it never really crossed my mind that he may have a softer side.  Well apparently Howard not only adores animals, but he’s really big into rescuing, fostering, and helping homeless pets!  He and his wife, Beth, do tons of work with the North Shore Animal League in New York.  Beth even hosted the first ever Kitten Bowl this year!   Who knew?

So there ya go!  If you need a feline fix in your Instagram feed, follow these awesome celebrities!  You can follow me as well.  I’m as crazy a cat lady as they come, which is totally chic.  Katy says so.  >^..^<

— Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC



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