Avril Lavigne Talks Tour & the Importance of Shania Twain

Avril Lavigne is in the middle of her first US tour and she shared some stories from the road when she called Gina J.  Find out about Avril’s favorite Backstreet Boy, how Shania Twain influenced her career and more!

They both performed at our All-Star Christmas concert back in December, and now Avril Lavigne and the Backstreet Boys are on the road together, playing ampitheaters across the country.  Avril will be going solo for the second leg of her tour, including a stop at the Grand Theater at Foxwoods on June 28th, and she’s glad to be back out there. “I’m excited because I haven’t done a tour in the US for a couple tours, so here I am,” she said.  “I’m having a great time this summer.”

Her tour has taken Lavigne many places, but she was definitely touched by a recent gig in Asia, during which fans had a really sweet tribute to the singer.  “On this tour, somewhere in Asia, I was playing ‘I’m With You,’ and everyone in the audience had planned something through a fan site, and held up one of my logos– a star tattooed on my wrist– it was crazy!  It was a massive audeince and however they connected, they had plans to hold up these pieces of paper with my logo on it.  It was pretty powerful!” she recalled.  “I was in Asia for seven weeks on tour.  It’s nice to have the opportunity to travel all over.  Every audience is so different, from different countries and cultures.”

Avril also played a show recently that featured fellow Canadian artist Shania Twain in the audience.  While Avril admitted she always likes having other artists in her audience, Shania in particular is very important to her.  “I was in Vegas and Shania is out there right now.  She came to one of my shows.  I met Shania when I was 14 years old, before I had a record deal, and I sang with her on stage,” Lavigne recalled.  “I won a contest and got to go up on stage with her in front of 20,000 people and sing one of her songs.  I remember being like ‘Oh my gosh, it’s my dream that I get to do this one day.’  Three years later, I was 17, and I played my own show in Ottawa at the same stage, it was sold out… that was one of my craziest stories.”

“To reconnect with Shania throughout the years, it’s really nice to be able to watch other performers, especially other females,” she continued.  “I was in South America and I ran into Demi Lovato, and checked her show out.  I met up with Miley Cyrus… so I’ve been coming across a lot of other females artists, which is really cool.”

Obviously, based on her current tour mates, Avril is cool with the guys, too.  Her favorite Backstreet Boy?  AJ.  “The one I talk to the most on the tour is AJ,” she said.  “They’re all very lovely, but he and I always stop and chat and say hello.”

With her performance including music from all five of her albums and all her biggest singles, Lavigne’s tour show is packed with energy, both from her and her enthusiastic fans.  It’s a far cry from the shy Avril, as a person off stage, but she is comfortable with that difference.  “I’m really introverted and shy and keep to myself,” she said.  “I love it when other performers come out to my shows, sometimes there’s certain cities where there’s a ton of my friends and family that are coming to the show.  I don’t talk before I go on stage, so I have to see everybody after, but it’s nice.”

“I have my brother traveling with me– I love having family on the road,” she continued.  “I usually bring a girlfriend out, Chad was just out with me.  But having another artist check you out is a really good feeling.”

–Bill Sencio, 96.5 TIC/ Hartford

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