By Jeremy D. Larson

The idea that you can corral The Internet — a lawless tribunal of loudmouths unbeholden to personal responsibility for the things they say — into a respectable town hall meeting to ask the world’s most ineligible bachelor Robin Thicke some questions is, to put it in no uncertain terms, impossible. This should be well known by now. Recall other like-minded hashtag campaigns against embattled and controversial institutions such as the #AskRKelly kerfuffle or the #myNYPD debacle  or the #askJPM brouhaha.

Nevertheless, Robin Thicke (or his intern) is now staring at an ocean of snarky questions and it is almost impossible to find an actual question that he would answer among the group. The sarcasm and barbs run deep, ranging from hundreds of questions that include the word “misogynist,”  hundreds of questions that include the word “Paula,” hundreds of questions that include the word “Beetlejuice,”  and a couple of tweets that kind of lasso the public’s concern into one silver bullet question:


Where this ranks among the many disastrous Q&A’s remains to be seen, as the VH1-sponsored answering part is set to happen at 1:30 p.m EST on VH-1’s Twitter account. Grab the popcorn. All press is good press.

Read more about Robin Thicke’s rather disastrous Twitter Q&A on


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