George Lopez Supports Snoop Dogg In ‘Lavender’ Video Debate

George Lopez is coming to the Grand Theater at Foxwoods Resort Casino this Saturday (March 18th) and he called in to talk about his show and more with Gina J.  He also shared his opinion on the controversial “Lavender” video released by his friend Snoop Dogg earlier this week.

We can add George Lopez to the growing group who are backing up Snoop and his new video, which features a clown dressed to look like Donald Trump, who gets “shot” with a toy gun with a “bang” sign.  Lopez admits he can see why the visual would ruffle some people’s feathers, but he wants to support Snoop’s artistic decisions.  “I love Snoop Dogg as a performer, he’s my friend, I would never criticize him for his choice of how to represent something that he wanted to show,” Lopez told Gina.  “Is it a little bit drastic? Yes. But it’s a gun that says ‘bang’ and Trump is dressed as a clown. That’s happened in circuses for the last hundred years.”

Lopez does not hide the fact that he’s not a Trump supporter, and he went on to explain why he believes the current President is so often on the receiving end of jokes and less than flattering portrayals like Alec Baldwin on SNL.  “I think Donald Trump, unfortunately… there’s a professionalism that the President has to have, and when you don’t have it, I think you become a target or fodder, much like Bush Jr. was,” he said. “I know [Trump] a little bit, I played golf with him ten years ago. I’m gonna say this– I’ve been playing golf for a long time, and people that play golf or people that play tennis, or people that play chess… if you cheat, you are only cheating yourself. Donald Trump was very liberal with the score, and when you do that it tells you that you’re not an honest person, because there’s no benefit in cheating in golf.”

George Lopez also shared details on Season Two of his TV Land series Lopez, gave us the real story of his recent issue with a heckler, and sort of/ not really confirmed that the rumored George Lopez TV show reunion is in the works… “That’s allegedly a possibility,” he teased.  “All those shows are coming back, they had Fuller House has had tremendous success, more success than they imagined. I can’t say too much, but I’ll say alleged.”

Hear the complete interview below:

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