And Gina J tried to get the dirt on who the song is about!By Gina J

Charlie Puth‘s new single ‘Attention’ drips with salty lyrics about an ex who doesn’t want to reconcile but still wants to be noticed by her former flame.

“You just want attention / You don’t want my heart /Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new /Yeah, you just want attention / I knew from the start,” Charlie croons over a funky, pop beat.

And who is it about? Gina J tried to get him to spill, but he remains tight-lipped on the song’s muse.

“I’m just gonna leave that as a long pause,” he joked but added that the lyrics can resonate with anyone, “That’s the goal at the end of the day, is for people to relate to it.”

But don’t expect his sophomore album quite yet. “I’m still working on it,” he said while noting that Pharrell and J Kash are some of its producers. And with the massive success of his 2015’s debut Nine Track Mind, one may think Charlie would feel pressure to match that this time around, but he doesn’t.

“No, I’m excited because ‘Attention’–the sound of it–is what the sound of the album is gonna be, so I’m just really excited to put music out like THAT now.”

And he’s definitely grabbed the ‘Attention’ of his SoCal fans who not only get a treat for the ears but a visual experience with the single’s release! The Attention Room is a limited time art piece designed to recreate the experience of receiving attention. And it looks pretty rad!

You can catch Charlie Puth on tour with Shawn Mendes this summer… and if you’re a little impatient for his new album, blast ‘Attention’ on repeat! 😉



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