By Gina J

The Bachelorette Season 13 has been a good one, as Rachel Lindsay narrows down her search for the perfect guy. One of those potential suitors was Connecticut native Matt Munson, hose time on the show ended this week. Matt spoke with Gina J about his experience on The Bachelorette, his thoughts on the guys this season, and a few details about Bachelor In Paradise.

All right The Bachelorette I’ve been watching this season, Matt Munson.

You know that’s what I want to know. How big a fan are you Gina?

Honestly I was way back in the beginning, so I have not watched in the past years. But we have a person that we both know, a friend in common, my hairdresser, and she’s like, my friend’s going to be on the show. And I said I’m going to watch this season. I have not watched in a few seasons, because I have horrible dating experiences, and I’m like this can’t be real!

I think that’s why a lot of us end up on the show, because we’ve not had the best luck dating, so it kind of brings us together in a weird way.

So it’s not just Connecticut?

I was the only guy from New England, which was interesting. A lot of guys from L.A., a bunch of guys from Chicago, and then there were three or four guys from South Florida, so there’s the East Coast.

Yeah Bryan.

Everybody loves Bryan. I love Bryan. Bryan is a good dude.

There’s rumors that that’s who she picked.

I’m hearing the same rumors you are, and I’m so torn now as to who wins, I can’t figure it out myself. To be honest with you– and people don’t believe it when I tell them– but I really don’t know. I have an idea in my mind, I have a real solid of who last couple guys are, but I don’t know which in the end ends up with her [Rachel]. I’ve spoken to everybody that’s still on the show, and they’re tight-lipped. I’m sure whoever ends up with her, she’s got good judgment. She makes all the right decisions, at least from my experience.

I have to say that about her, because I lack that kind of braveness. When she just cuts a guy off like that… I’ve always been too nice, and I think being nice gets you nowhere, and I’ve learned that over the years being in any situation you’re in. Especially when I watch her cut those guys down like nope, you were talking to your ex, or your ex is here on the show, like DeMario, she said ‘You’re out’ she didn’t want to hear it. Me, on the other hand, I’d be like ‘Oh well OK I’ll give you a chance.’ So I love that about her.

That’s part of the reason I fell for Rachel, because I thought there were many times where I was a little skeptical at the beginning and I thought… she could go one of two ways here, with this decision. If she chooses this, if she keeps this guy hanging around, then I’m not really buying this whole thing. But every time when she was faced with this decision, I thought she made the one that that made the most sense. I respected her choices along the way and that’s what made me buy in more and more as this whole thing transpired. She’s thirty two years old, she knows what she wants by now.

Not every thirty two year old does. Then again, not every guy in his forties does either.

This is true. Want to elaborate on that a little more?

Oh my god, we could be here for the whole week talking about the idiots that I’ve dated.

But I think she came into this experience with a with a pretty good idea of what she wanted to get out of it, and there’s not enough time. In this format, there’s just there’s not any time that you can waste, it’s really not there for you, you’re very limited. If you spend an extra week bothering with somebody who just isn’t your type or seems like he’s there for the wrong reasons… you’re wasting time.

Let’s talk about some of the guys who are there for the wrong reasons. Mr. Whaboom, who drove me absolutely nuts and made me want to turn off the TV honestly, because I couldn’t stand him saying that– I’m not even going to try to imitate it.

I’ve heard so many different versions of it.

Do you know that little weasel friended me on Instagram and liked one of my photos, then I never friended him back so he deleted the like and he’s not following me anymore???

I think he might regret a little bit of what he did on the show, it seemed like he was reaching out to her however he could and trying to make friends. I didn’t I didn’t spend a lot of time with Lucas, the only other way I’ll put it is that he was the first question, when I got back, that everybody asked– What about that guy Whaboom? He was what he was, he was there for comedic relief, but at the same time he had everybody talking about him, so if he did go in there with a plan, I think he succeeded.

He was doing t-shirts and everything. But he had been on another show also, with the other guy he was bickering with, that I read about too. Those two had been on the same dating show.

The rumor was going around the house that these two had been at each other’s throats in another reality TV show. It was kind of annoying because they were taking away from everybody else’s good time, basically. Lucas just kind of laid back and said I don’t know what this guy’s problem is, whereas Blake was the one who couldn’t let it go. He seemed to be so hell-bent on revisiting this feud and rather than just let it be and focus on the girl, you know? That’s probably what cost the two of them, in the end.

They both went home at the same time. Did you see how awkward it was, when they both went home and they were bickering at each other? It’s like oh my god!

I didn’t see it, but I remember that night in the house. We all heard it, we could hear them going at it in the front of the house. It was definitely more funny to watch on TV because all you could hear was them going back and forth. It was just, like, you know what, if you guys got a problem with each other, go solve it somewhere else, because we’re all trying to advance ourselves here with this girl, and you just sort of a distraction mainly.

We saw those two go away, that was a big thing, but of course DeMario was also a big part of the season too, with the girlfriend that showed up on the show. You were there actually there for the basketball game.

I was. I was a little bit disappointed because I played pretty well in that basketball game. It was a lot more entertaining than you were able to see. A lot of other guys played well, but we had to pay more attention to the drama.

After that happened and the girlfriend showed up, I’m sure all of you guys were probably like ‘Oh my God, they’re going to get one of my exes to show up too.’

I saw some guys start to go into panic mode. He’s actually a decent guy, he’s just a lot of energy, loves to talk, but he’s got a good heart. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, that guy.

I think we’ve seen a different side to DeMario now, with the whole thing that he went through with Bachelor In Paradise. I know you’re– can I say anything about that, where you’re going to be, or no?

It’s possible, but you have to wait and see with Paradise. I can just tell you about my time on The Bachelorette. you can always have a drink but nobody’s forcing you have a drink, it’s up to you. It’s an intense situation, it’s pressure filled, and a cocktail can aid in that. And there’s nothing to do, that’s the other thing.

You’re out in the social atmosphere with a ton of guys, it’s a sausage fest, I’d love that.

You like to be at the house, I could see you there.

Yes! I actually met Chris Harrison a couple of times out in L.A. when we would do the GRAMMYs. Every year I’d meet him, and go Chris! Come on, right here– Can I be the Bachelorette? And he’d just laughed it off, like yeah, no chance in hell.

I like Chris, I saw a decent amount of Chris, but he comes in, he does his thing, and then he’s out. He’s got a great job, how can you beat that? He gets to go and explore the area wherever it is that we’re shooting… we went to a lot of great places. It’s cool because obviously you really don’t know until she announces, so it’s very exciting to hear that you’re going to go to all these countries that I would have never otherwise [gone to].

They bleeped you last night, because you said the S-word!

It was funny because I had just heard how close you were to France, and I thought Man I’d love to go to France and then so the next day to be told yeah you’re also going to get to go to France was crazy, it just blew me away.

What made you go on the show? Were you a fan of the show? Did someone you knew say I am going to submit you in to the show?

I did, I had a guy at work. A good, good friend of mine at work, who I owe this to because I would have never thought on my own to nominate myself. It was in July, I think, when he put my name in, and I didn’t hear anything for three months. I think by the time October rolled around– my sister got married mid-October– like a week later, I got a call from Los Angeles. I ignored the call, I thought it was a telemarketer. To go and listen to the voicemail and hear that it was The Bachelorette, I thought oh yeah that’s right I did apply for that. I did decide yeah I’m going to do this, and I’ll go through the motions and still I was never convinced that anything would come of it, but this will be an experience, even trying out. I was in New York, I went to L.A., and then eventually I think it was after Valentine’s Day they called me and said are you still interested? I said yeah, absolutely. A month later they flew me out trying to Los Angeles, and everything else is history, I guess. I would say is the best experience of my life, because it’s very surreal. I never thought that I’d be doing anything like that. I’ve been in Connecticut all my life, so to even go on the other side of the country to be in L.A. for a while, then to go to Europe, it’s something that I can’t wait to do more of, exploring Europe. You know, you kind of catch the travel bug, by doing this show. And then to meet these great people, and to meet a great girl who deserves all the happiness that I’m sure she eventually finds. And to meet these guys who I continue to stay in touch with, and who live all across the country… it’s always nice to have a couch to crash on.

Obviously, they always have the reunion show. You’re going back for that?

Yeah I go out to L.A. to film that pretty soon, actually. I’m looking forward to it. I haven’t seen the guys, any of them really, since we left. I keep in touch with them via phone, text message, but to see them all… when I read their texts, I can hear them saying what they’re writing, because that’s how much time you spend together.

It’s interesting, you’re always left alone. I think that’s why a lot of the drama boils over too. How could you have all these alpha males in the same room lot of them type-A personalities, a bunch of testosterone-fueled guys, and not eventually have them start. That’s nature, you know?

You managed to stay out of the drama a lot, I think maybe that’s why people are saying you weren’t on camera as much… or got those one on one dates.

At the time it bothered me a little bit, but now to see how cool those dates were, it really freaking bothers me! People were teasing me about the Geneva watch shopping experience that Brian had. I’m a watch guy so I wanted to go watch show, just to window shop. When he came back from his one on one date, I right away spotted that watch. It was a watch that I would wear and I was like, this is getting worse and worse! To go all the time and not have a one on one, it felt like there was a little bit left on the table that we could have discovered about our relationship, but we did have a lot of good moments, just because you don’t see them.

I’m sure there’s a lot left on the cutting room floor as they say. Last night, we saw she was crying when she let you go because you reminded her of her, so it makes you think there was much more of a connection here, we just didn’t get to see it as much.

It was a little frustrating, because her and I spent enough time together where we knew we had things in common. She explained herself, if we were in a different setting where time was not of the essence, then maybe we could have formed some sort of relationship, if nothing else, been really good friends. But you’re so limited, time is all you do have, so you have to take advantage of it when you have. The thing that she thought reminded her most of herself in me was the fact that she was skeptical when she did her season of The Bachelor. I had my skepticism about the whole thing too… she knew that. Her gut feeling was you’re not really buying this whole thing.

She doesn’t buy Bryan at all, he’s too perfect.

I guess this latest thing without Bryan, right? We got along really well, especially when we started to travel. He’s a regular guy, he’s a nice guy who’s had some relationships that didn’t go his way, but who hasn’t?

One last thing, do you know when Bachelor in Paradise is coming on? A lot of people were questioning it, because August 8th was the original date but since the whole thing that happened… has it been pushed?

I don’t think they actually have a set date yet, I think that kind of screwed things up a little bit. But you will, from what I’m being told, you will see Paradise at some point. A few weeks ago, it didn’t seem like it was going to happen.

Hear more from Matt HERE.


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