What Is Ed Sheeran’s Perfect Romantic Date?

Gina J caught up with Ed Sheeran at the 96.5 TIC Beach House, and he talked about his perfect romantic date, the one song he wrote but wished he kept, and his appearance on a little show called Game Of Thrones… Check out the full interview!

When I first came up here on to the beach house I saw a shower, see the shower right over there. So I came up with this thing, Shower with Sheeran. Could we do that?

I’m not sure, it’s a bit cold. Do you think it ever gets used?

I would think so, people get kind of romantic up on here. I was hoping to get a better look at all the tattoos you have. I know there are so many stories, especially with John Mayer, I’d read that you guys actually designed tattoos for each other?

When you say ‘designed,’ that makes it sound a lot cooler than it was. We drew tattoos for each other, we got them tattooed on without seeing what they were, and then revealed them on the show.

What was yours?

Mine was a cool guy and an arrow pointing up and his was a cat, because he likes pussy… cats.

That’s what I like about you, you’re actually a cat guy!

Massively a cat guy, yeah.

So you’re like the perfect guy to date, but I know you’re with somebody you know, so I wondered what’s the most romantic thing that you have done?

With Cherry? We do a lot of date nights, and date days. I find if you go out for a date at lunchtime and just carry on, that’s the best day. And then you’re in bed at nine because you’re hammered.

So that’s a good thing for you. I mean you don’t get a lot of downtime though, because you were saying for the next three years you are totally touring and doing stuff like that.

Next year with the stadium tour, I’ve got four days off a week. So I have actually got quite a lot of downtime next year. And I’m going home every night after the stadium, so I’ll be home every day.

You’ve written so many songs, is there one song maybe– because I know with ‘Shape of You’ you had Rihanna in mind– correct?

Yeah, and Little Mix, weirdly enough, we went in to write Little Mix and Rihanna songs.

Is there one song that you have given away, that you said I wish I had kept that song for me?

I did a song with Tori Kelly. It’s probably my favorite song. But I featured on it, because I was like, I have to feature on it because I like it so much.

Your listeners are going to be waiting for you to do a performance for us which we’re going to have on Facebook Live, and then you going to head over to Mohegan Sun which you do have two shows, and James Blunt, your good friend, is opening up.

He sure is.

You need to give me something for tomorrow, because we have James Blunt for an Acoustic Cafe. You guys must prank each other, or do something… you’ve got some inside scoop on him?

I was talking about this yesterday, I don’t have a lot of industry mates, like people I see regular. Taylor would be one of them, Harry would be another, but no one I see regularly that I’m friends with. James is one of those people, and his wife and my girlfriend are really good friends.

I didn’t know he was married. The last time we saw him, he wasn’t married.

Yeah, he’s married to the Duke of Wellington’s granddaughter. She’s really cool. They have kids! How do you not know this? He’s happily married, she’s wonderful. Do people know that? Don’t say that to him, because maybe people don’t know that. I think people know he’s married.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to hit on him. One last thing, Game Of Thrones, Sunday night… there’s a story that came out yesterday that you might be on the premiere on Sunday night. Is that true that your little cameo is coming up?

Where was that story? You know what, you’ve got two days to wait and find out.

Do you sing? I heard you sing.

You’ve got two days to wait and find out. I’ll get in trouble if I say anything about it!

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