By Gina J

Fresh off the Men Tell All episode of The Bachelorette, Matt Munson stopped by to chat with Gina J about fellow contestants, speculation on who Rachel chooses, and of course Bachelor In Paradise!

Let’s start off with DeMario and how every other word out of his mouth was a swear and he was saying that every guy should have a  “3 AM side chick!”
I really do like the guy but sometimes his mouth just moves faster than his brain. There were boring parts of the five-hour taping or so but still, when he was in my left ear it was a bit of a wake-up call for me. It was like one of the longest Men Tell All tapings in Bachelorette history!

Was it because of all the stuff that you guys had to cover; with Lee and everything on the racist tweets?
I mean if you heard Kenny talk, he points out the fact that even he’s sick of talking about it so I mean I think the two of them are putting it behind them.

I’ll think just read that this is like one of the most heartbreaking break-ups next week when she drops the guy –
I talked to that person when they got back…

So you know she picks?! I might have a pretty good inclination…
I really didn’t know until about maybe ten days ago probably when I went out to film Men Tell All and I got it straight from Rachel’s mouth. I heard, you know, who the guy is, but they’re both very quiet about it. They’re both playing by the rules.

Rachel’s friend was not playing by the rules! She says there’s two engagement parties; one’s in Dallas and one’s in Miami.
Yeah some might jump to that conclusion, but…

Let’s talk about Dean real quick because I know everybody was so excited about Dean last night. I know he said that he doesn’t want to be the next Bachelor.
As far as I know, that’s that’s his word and he’s sticking to it.

But one of my friends told me he’s dating someone from Bachelor In Paradise! 
I witnessed some of Dean’s [Bachelor In Paradise] dating.

Because maybe because you’re on the show too?

I saw your pictures on TMZ the other day. 
It was fun, though, you get to watch him squirm a little because he didn’t just date one girl… not many of us did just date one girl. I really don’t know if anyone is actually still dating each other.

Tell Dean it’s disgusting to take your gum out of your mouth and put it behind your ear and then take it back and put it in his mouth!
But it was funny though – it’s his ear!

Rachel actually did speak about you and Adam yesterday, so that must’ve made you feel really good.
It was nice to finally hear straight from the source that you know both my relationship and Rachel’s–along with hers and Adam’s–were strong enough to make us last a pretty long time. You just don’t see a lot of it, but that’s the way TV works.

Next Tuesday you got to come back so we can talk about who she finally picks!
I think I can make that work!

Listen middays all week to win tickets to the Reality Check Presents: Rachel Lindsay with her surprise fiance from The Bachelorette at Mohegan Sun next Wednesday (August 9th)! 

Hear more from Matt HERE.



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