By Gina J

Joe Carabase from MELT Fitness is here to help us get into shape with some fitness tips every MELT Monday with Gina J!

This week, it’s all about mistakes we make in our breakfast choices. Which is worse? Skipping it or settling for a drive-thru sandwich?

When you skip breakfast, your blood sugar will drop real quick and you’ll tend to grab whatever’s convenient. This is not good. You need to pre-plan something quick and healthy! People need to get off the idea of thinking about breakfast on a pedestal like omelets and things like that.

The best options? Raw nuts! Especially if you’re eating more frequently through the day, simply having some raw nuts will give you good energy from fat, as well as protein and fiber.”

But what if you’re allergic and/or can’t have nuts? Stay away from anything high in sugar because your insulin levels are high and sensitive in the morning. White bread is the worst possible thing – frozen bread is a better, gluten-free option.

Or Greek yogurt. You can put raw nuts or cinnamon in it. Or a protein shake. Hemp seeds or yogurt are good to add to shakes/smoothies.

If you have to go through a drive thru, get the oatmeal option. But try to forgo the brown sugar; opt for honey instead.

And the best way to have a healthy breakfast is to plan it out the night before!

Joe joins Gina every ‘MELT Monday’ each week to talk about all the different ways you can stay active and feel better.

For more information, contact Joe at!


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