By Lisa Gold

You’ve likely read memes about “spoiled” Millennials eating avocado toast for breakfast in their urban rentals because Baby Boomers ruined the economy and they can’t afford houses. With the constant back and forth between these two generations, we often forget the one in between… Generation X.

Gen Xers are described as those born in the early to mid-sixties through the late seventies to early eighties. Some dates vary, depending on the source. But it’s almost like this generation is nonexistent in the Boomers vs. Gen Y wars!

But specifically, what about those of us who are on the cusp? Do you feel like you don’t quite fit squarely into either the Generation X or Millennial box; perhaps you sort of piecemeal “traits” from each?

We are what they call a “microgeneration.” And if any of these things sound familiar, you’re one of us!

Did you record Debbie Gibson and Tiffany songs off “96-TIC-FM” on cassettes in the eighties? Do slang phrases like, “As if!”, “talk to the hand”,  or “No way? Way!” make sense to you?

Maybe you cried that time your mom forgot to set the VCR to record the season finale of Friends that one year. (This happened to me). Back then, there was no internet or DVR to “just watch it later.” I pouted for like a week. But at least I didn’t have to worry about seeing spoilers on Facebook (LOL)! I guess I eventually caught the rerun… and it’s moot now that I’ve seen the entire series a billion times. But, I digress.

Your childhood computer (from Radio Shack) had floppy discs, Solitaire, and a dot-matrix printer. And you were likely in high school or college when you got your first cell phone and it was a big deal! We embraced technology in our twenties.

Sound familiar? Chances are you were you born between the years of 1977-1983. It’s the aforementioned “microgeneration” at the tail-end of Gen X and the very start of Gen Y (Millennial), aptly deemed “Xennials.”

There are several blogs that have been written about us and every single time I read one I scream, “YES! I finally fit somewhere!”

OMG, yes!!!! 👍 #Xennial

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-Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC

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