By Christine Lee

It’s hard enough getting a year older. But what’s worse is when the company you’ve worked for since 1996 deliberately serves your birthday cake when they KNOW you won’t be around.

Just WHAT is the MEANING of THIS?!

That’s right. It wasn’t just ME.  96.5 TIC clearly HAS IT OUT for people with September birthdays.

Alas, Angela, Genesis and I all work morning drive and we had all LONG GONE home by the time the cake was served.

96.5 TIC realizes what time we work. Is it REALLY all that HARD to have cake available for us birthday ladies when we’re ACTUALLY AT THE RADIO STATION?

Cuz you know, there’s NOTHING like day-old, half-eaten cake. SMH.

If I sound angry, I am. Another year of achy knees, back pain, wrinkles, age spots and now NO DAMN CAKE.

Sometimes you just gotta take matters into your own hands. I got my own stupid cake.

 96.5 TIC, the Heartless Company That Flim flammed Me Out of My Birthday Cake

Birthday cake in my dinosaur bowl–and I’m NOT sharing.

Now I need a nap cuz my sugar high has just turned into a massive crash. Or maybe it’s just cuz I’m 46–and at that age napping becomes standard. Either way, nighty-night.






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