By Gina J

Matt Munson from The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise stopped by to dish with Gina J on dating and relationships, offering his male perspective.

First, they had to clear up some new gossip from the show, then it was all about giving someone a second chance at dating.

Gina: Are Corinne and DeMario an item now? They were seen together holding hands at Disney?

Matt: I guess they’re spending more time together. Trying to rekindle something once it doesn’t work out the first time.

Gina: What about Dean and Kristina? That’s another second chance story going around.

Matt: Initially they seem so happy, so it makes sense that they tried to patch things up a little bit. I’m not the type of guy who burns a bridge.

Gina: Dean burned bridges though!

Matt: But I guess not, not if she’s willing to give him another shot, how it that not admirable?

Gina: Because if he was that happy in the first place, he would’ve never stepped out on her.

Matt: Not everybody is a fast learner.

Gina: So let’s talk about giving someone a second chance. My friends always yell at me. One of my friends says, “Gina, as Maya Angelou says, ‘When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time.'”

Matt: I’ve never been a big believer that there need to be these hard lines drawn when it comes to relationships. I think you need to go with your gut and go with your heart and if there’s an opportunity to rekindle something why not consider it?

Gina: All the ones I have given a second chance to did exactly the thing they did the first time. When they come crawling back is it just a man’s ego to say, “Let me see what she’s up to? Let me see if I can get her back.”

Matt: I don’t think so, because when I try to hit the rewind button, so to speak, I feel like it’s just because I tried to move forward and I couldn’t do it, there was something there that I was clinging to that I couldn’t find with the next person. We’re slow learners, men – it takes us more than the first time to figure it out. I think as long as we’re willing to admit that. Some of us are really trying to evolve. Others, I could see the ego thing. You put us all in the same category.

Gina: I tend to go for the same type of guy, a jerk. You wanna fix them, you wanna see the good in the person. You wanna fix the bad boy and make him a good guy.



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