By John Elliott

Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the News! Here are some of today’s highlights!

-Would you be comfortable if your boss was younger than you?

-There’s a giant hurricane relief concert planned for Texas on October 21st for victims of Harvey, Irma, and Maria. All of our living Presidents will be there except for one… Trump. Both Bushes, Obama, Clinton, and Carter will attend.

-Costco is selling a year’s worth of emergency food for $1000. It includes 6,200 servings of canned food including wheat, rice, milk, fruit, vegetables, granola, and meat.

-Speaking of granola, a Massachusetts bakery’s granola listed bugs as one of the ingredients, but the feds told them not to list that.

-A would-be robber in Rio picked the wrong gym to rob… it was a center for Jiujitsu and the kids pummeled the guy.

-A guy in Wyoming was drunk and in the hospital and told police he was a time traveler from 2048. He said he came back to warn us about the alien invasion and it was the aliens who filled his body with alcohol.

-The new Guinness Record goes to Mochi the St. Bernard. The dog has the longest tongue in the world at 7.3 inches.

Wake up with Craig & Company every weekday morning from 5:30-10:00!



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