By Christine Lee

LiLo’s parents want to sue a senator for slander! And what is the funniest moment in the history of Seinfeld… according to Jerry himself? Find out in today’s Hollywood Stories!

Lindsay Lohan’s parents plan to sue a senator for using their daughter’s troubled past to lash out at a CEO. The whole thing occurred during a congressional hearing as former Equifax CEO Richard Smith was grilled about how the credit firm’s recent massive hack by Sen John Kennedy of Louisiana, who asked this question:

“The contract of seven million and change, does that involve taxpayer information that you would have access to? You realize, to many Americans right now, that it looks like we’re giving Lindsay Lohan the keys to the minibar.”

Michael Lohan said how dare he associate Lindsay with this case. It’s inappropriate slander, and it’s unwarranted. But, come on… everyone’s made a Lindsay Lohan joke.

gettyimages 850090804 Hollywood Stories 10/9: The Lohans Suing a Senator?

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Despite critical praise and good buzz, Blade Runner 2049 crashed hard at the box office grossing just $31.5 million. It was enough to win the weekend, but far below being a blockbuster.

462942414 Hollywood Stories 10/9: The Lohans Suing a Senator?

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63-year-old Christie Brinkley has admitted to some non-surgical, non-invasive procedures on her neck and frown lines. She says “When I look in the mirror I want to feel like I look as good as I feel.”

The incredible success of Austin Rogers on Jeopardy has made him a viral sensation, and he spoke to Good Morning America about the secret to his success– binge watching Jeopardy over the years.

“If you watch enough, you’ll start seeing things repeat, like if it ever says ‘sculptor’ it’s probably going to be Auguste Rodin. If it says ‘American sculptor’ it will probably be Alexander Calder. If it ever says ‘Romanian poet’ it’ll be Ionesco. I have no idea who Ionesco is, but I’ve seen that come up three times in episodes across the deacdes.”

He’s memorized certain patterns over the years, and he’s storing that information. You know, every bartender’s a good listener… well, he’s a bartender. And now he’s a rich bartender!

gettyimages 813229 Hollywood Stories 10/9: The Lohans Suing a Senator?

Frank Sinatra told Donald Trump to go f— himself, after the now-president took issue with Frank’s financial demands to perform at his failed casino, the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Donald Trump said something like “That’s a little rich,” and Sinatra took issue with it, told his then manager Elliot Weissman “either you tell him that I said ‘Go f— yourself’ or give me his phone number and I’ll do it.” Weissman went back to Trump’s office and said– quote– “Sinatra says Go F— yourself.” And Frank ended up playing at the Sands in Las Vegas instead, which is where he did the famous recording Live From the Sands.

foos Hollywood Stories 10/9: The Lohans Suing a Senator?

The Foo Fighters said it’s really boring to record Carpool Karaoke. It takes at least three hours, and they said they would have rather performed other artists’ songs than their own. In fact, they performed songs from the Ramones and Rick Astley, but those performances were cut.

Jerry Seinfeld is having second thoughts on the finale of Seinfeld, saying they were under a lot of pressure to go big, and he says in comedy, going big is always wrong. He also revealed the funniest episode and the funniest moment of all the Seinfelds in his opinion… when George talks about pulling Kramer’s golf ball out of a whale in “The Marine Biologist.”

Did you know Jerry and Larry David wrote that the night before they were to shoot it, and Jason Alexander (George) memorized the whole speech in one day??? Gives you a different feeling when you watch it again!

O.J. Simpson was spotted grabbing a Bloody Mary and take out at a fish taco place in Las Vegas… wonder if he saw Kenan Thompson and Gal Gadot spoof him on SNL over the weekend? It was a sketch where Kenan played OJ and Gal was a woman who actually had no idea who he was, and they were on a first date a restaurant. It was hilarious!


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