By Christine Lee

The allegations against Harvey Weinstein keep coming, while Lindsay Lohan defends his egregious actions. Plus, Charlie Puth is coy about ‘Attention’ is about! These stories and more in today’s Hollywood Stories.

Allegations against Harvey Weinstein are piling up Gwenyth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. Now say they had scary run-ins in the ’90s. Rosanna Arquette has a similar story, and Mira Sorvino said he chased her around a hotel room twenty years ago. A lot of women were afraid to come forward and it’s a scary situation.

In 2015, NYPD sting op caught him on tape trying to coerce a woman into his hotel room.

He’s bait-and-switch on auditions. They would initially meet at the hotel lobby, but when they got there, they’d be informed that the audition had been moved upstairs, but a female assistant would be present, so they’d feel safe. Then he’d dismiss the assistant.

Back in 2013, Seth McFarlane made a Harvey Weinstein joke while announcing the Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress: “Congratulations, you five ladies no longer have to pretend to be attracted to Harvey Weinstein.”

Lindsay Lohan feels very bad for Harvey Weinstein – she posted a (now-deleted) Instagram video saying that he never touched her and “everyone needs to stop.”

Justin Bieber is trying to break into acting. He asked Adam Sandler and David Spade for advice. He’s hoping to score a role in a ’90s movie. Meanwhile, football fans are wondering if the Vikings have a play named after Justin Bieber after Sam Bradford called something that sounded like, “Bieber, Bieber, Bieber!”

Terry Crews said he was sexually assaulted at a Hollywood party when a movie mogul came up and grabbed him in the crotch. He said he was almost ready to kick his ass right then and there, but he didn’t because he thought about how the headlines would read the next day. And he understands how women–who are much smaller–wouldn’t say anything… if THIS guy can be intimidated by power…

Norman Reedus and his co-stars of The Walking Dead are headed to Washington DC with props from the show to be enshrined at Smithsonian!

Eminem went off on Trump on the BET Hip Hop Awards!

And Charlie Puth’s song ‘Attention’ – it’s about someone in particular, but he’s coy about who!




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