By Christine Lee

Christina from Danielson stepped up to the challenge to beat Christine. Can she do it?  Find out who won and play along with the questions below! Highlight underneath each question to see the answer! And see if you Can’t Beat Christine!

In 2004, a New York Times reporter was working a piece about Harvey Weinstein’s behavior with women.  It got it squashed because Matt Damon and Russell Crowe threw their support behind him. Out of those two actors, which of them starred alongside Tom Cruise in the new Mummy movie that flopped earlier this year?
Russell Crowe 

Eleven years ago this week, Google bought YouTube for 1.65 billion dollars. What is the YouTube logo?
A red ‘play’ button

Katie Holmes is making her daughter’s Halloween costume this year out of Amazon boxes. Which celebrity has she been romantically linked to for years, but never technically confirmed their relationship status?
Jamie Foxx 

Lots of things are leaving Netflix this month, including Friday Night Lights, Titanic, and Happy Feet. Happy Feet was a 2006 animated movie featuring voices from Robin Williams and Elijah Wood featuring what type of animal?

Marie Osmond is 57 today. What weight loss company does she do commercials for?

Tune in to Craig & Company weekday mornings from 5:30-10:00 to play Can’t Beat Christine!


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