By Christine Lee

Al Michaels makes a bad joke, SNL roasts Trump over his IQ test proposal, and did Courtney Love warn everyone about Harvel Weinstein over a decade ago??

Al Michaels made a joke about Harvey Weinstein yesterday during the Giants-Broncos game “Let’s face it, the Giants are coming off a worse week that Harvey Weinstein.”

Obviously someone got to him, because he apologized for his remarks… in the same broadcast.

The Tick star Griffin Newman took to Twitter Saturday to denounce his own work in an upcoming Woody Allen movie, given that the famed director has been accused of sexual assault in the past. He said that he went back and forth about taking the role, decided to take the role, felt bad about taking the role, said that he thinks Woody Allen is guilty, and donated all the money he made during the filming of his upcoming movie at the anti-sexual assault organization RAINN.

Christine thinks there’s a point where you can say ‘I wash my hands of this, I feel bad about it, and I want to make things right.’ Do you agree?

hdd 31 5 promo 4c 4f Hollywood Stories: Al Michaels Tasteless Joke

Image courtesy Blumhouse

Happy Death Day won the weekend box office raking in $26.5 million, off a production price tag of only $5 million. We want to see it!

gettyimages 859862118 Hollywood Stories: Al Michaels Tasteless Joke

(Photo credit: MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Donald Trump was in the news all weekend long. Larry Flynt is offering a ten million dollars bounty for information that leads to the impeachment of Trump, and when Trump heard this, he probably said ‘Damn I can make ten million dollars’…

And SNL talked about the Trump/ Rex Tillerson IQ situation:

That’s how IQ tests work, right? Positive or negative? LOL.

ed sheeran credit greg williams11 Hollywood Stories: Al Michaels Tasteless Joke

Photo: Greg Williams

Ed Sheeran broke his arm after being hit by a car during a cycling accident in London. He was riding his bicycle and apparently got hit by a vehicle. He later showed a picture of himself sporting a cast on his right arm and told fans that upcoming tour dates could be in jeopardy. He wrote “I’ve had a bit of a bicycle accident, and am currently awaiting some medical advice.” Leave it to the Brits to downplay a major injury!

Courtney Love (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Courtney Love (Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Courtney Love called out Harvey Weinstein back in 2005. She was on the red carpet for a Pamela Anderson movie, and she was asked what would you tell young starlets coming to Hollywood? She replied “If Harvey Weinstein invites you to a private party at the Four Seasons, don’t go.” WOW.

gettyimages 633060140 Hollywood Stories: Al Michaels Tasteless Joke

(Photo credit: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images)

Mayim Bialik, star of Blossom and real-life neurosurgeon, wrote an op ed in The New York Times over the weekend that some people are claiming blames victims of sexual assault and harassment.

She clarified to say she has two boys and is raising them to be men that women are not afraid of. “I teach my boys that everyone has a right to feel safe. You do not have the right to touch someone if they don’t want to be touched. You are responsible for where you are… Respect people that you interact with.”

She went on to say that she was raised by parents who taught her to never, ever trust men. “I was explicitly told by my father to protect myself from men, because men only want one thing. They want sex. I have yet to meet a man, even the nicest ones, who said that they were not motivated by their desire to have sex with a woman.”

Nora Ephron said pretty much the same thing in her movie Harry Met Sally!

Keep that in mind, ladies… guys only want one thing.


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