By Jimmy Ferrara

Girls, you can admit, there are things about Him that you absolutely love.   His hair, his arms, his torso sculpture, and even a cute, tight butt drives you crazy!  However, you know full well that there are those deal breakers that we feel, as a courtesy to men everywhere, men should be aware of to help their being.  Here is a list of things men should NEVER do in front of his BAE:

#5  Pick his toes:   Hey Guys, bar none, feet and toes are down right nasty.  Leave them alone when you are around her.   And for heaven’s sake, after you pick them, do not sniff your finger!

#4  Grab his Junk:  Okay, guys.  Maybe it IS an Italian thing. Maybe you really need to do for security reasons.  But it’s not attractive, by far!  If you want to get a girl’s attention, talk to us.  Charming us with your mind and letting us gaze at those beautiful eyes will be hands down, no pun intended, an attention a grabber!

#3 Pass Gas:   Okay, so it doesn’t signal one’s comfort level around the other person!  The sound maybe somewhat funny, but the smell will definitely not be an aphrodisiac  later on when the time comes to get it on.

#2 Burp:  Yes, it is fine when women do it, but revolting when you do it.  It just makes us think of the junk that you just ate to create such a bass, deep belch.  Do it somewhere else.

#1  Ogle her best friend:   Come on now, we all know you enjoy looking at other women, in fact, we actually love looking at men.  But, eye balling her best friend?   Off limits.  If you do, you’ll definitely be in an argument that you won’t win or end up sleeping on the couch!


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