By Gina J

Joe Carabase from MELT Fitness is here to help us get into shape with some fitness tips every MELT Monday with Gina J!

This week, Gina is wondering why her body seems to hurt more lately.

Joe: It’s not you. With age, we all get tighter and the need for movement becomes that much more important.

Gina: I notice sometimes when I’m walking, I get this knee pain or something in my calf for like about a minute and then it clears up.

Joe: Stop wearing high heels for 24 hours straight, but that’s another story! With the cold weather, there’s no question there’s a greater need for our bodies to stretch and create more mobility around our joints as it gets bitter out. So people make the mistake of not stretching out enough. Especially with low back pain. Most of low back pain is caused by tight hamstrings and tight glutes, not even low back. So it’s really important to warm up those muscles.

You never want to stretch a pulled muscle. Before a workout, you want to do a dynamic stretch or mobility where you’re actively stretching a muscle — so you might hold it for a few seconds, then you come out of it, then go back into it. If you are someone who has chronic pain, it’s really important to do this every day.

After the workout, the muscles could just tighten up, so it’s important to do static stretching where you just hold the stretch.

Gina: How long should you stretch before a workout?

Joe: If you tell me you’re gonna stretch for 60 seconds, I’ll take it! When you start stretching before and after a workout, you’re gonna find you feel a lot better. Start easy. Ideally, five minutes a day.

Joe joins Gina every ‘MELT Monday’ each week to talk about all the different ways you can stay active and feel better.

For more information, contact Joe at  and follow Joe Carabase on Instagram and Facebook and M.E.L.T on Instagram!



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