By Christine Lee

We say goodbye to Benson, Kid Rock says the run for Senate joke was on us, and the Kardashians signed a big new contract with E! Get all the details…

Robert Guillaume died after a battle with prostate cancer at age 89. He played Benson the butler on the ABC comedy Soap and Benson. He was also the voice of Rafiki the monkey in The Lion King.

Kid Rock confirmed his potential Senate run was just a publicity stunt. It was a bit– the ball got started, and he picked it up and ran with it.

A woman was busted for showing up at Justin Bieber’s home three times in a week. She was apparently trying to make her way into his California home, and cops busted her for trespassing.

gettyimages 630216190 Hollywood Stories: RIP, Robert Guillaume

(Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Colin Kaepernick has landed a one million dollar book deal with a major publisher… that’s not bad, considering for most first book deals, you don’t get paid much.

Samuel L. Jackson will share his wisdom in his first online acting class on Master Class.

Mark Wahlberg hopes God will forgive him for making Boogie Nights. Why’s he so down on that picture??? Was it the prosthetic, or what? We thought Boogie Nights was a great movie.

The Jokers Wild is is back with a new host, Snoop Dogg!

Do you get the impression the joke is on all of us, when it comes to Snoop?

The Kardashians have signed a new $150 million dollar deal to stay with E! through 2019. So much for anyone who has reported that they’re going to be canceled.

Also, Kim Kardashain is fueling rumors that her surrogate is going to give birth to twins, because she tweeted out that she is looking for a double stroller:

But she followed up saying she has two children already, and that’s why she needed a double stroller.

Bill Murray was spotted signing autographs for twenty dollars a pop, with the money going to Puerto Rico. Someone tried to hand him three bucks, and he said go get a job and come back.

Murray is a famous Cubs fan, and he likes to go to the games and live it up and laugh it up… but Ted Danson? Not so much. Danson is happy the Dodgers made it, but he really just isn’t all that into baseball.

He always came across as so athletic, especially on Cheers as Sam Malone, who was an ex-pitcher for the Red Sox! Well, regardless of all that, Ted Danson is looking GREAT at 70.

Another day, another Harvey Weinstein accuser. A former production assistant named Mimi’s story starts the same– the bathrobe, the hotel, the asking for a massage… but gets particularly troubling when it comes to the alleged sexual assault. If you have the stomach for it, read the whole story here.

gettyimages 51686764 Hollywood Stories: RIP, Robert Guillaume

(Photo credit: Vince Bucci/AFP/Getty Images)

An actress says Val Kilmer physically abused her during an audition for The Doors, and Oliver Stone just stood there and laughed. She settled with them and signed a confidentiality agreement, but she’s breaking it to stand with all the other women who are coming forward.

Mario Lopez revealed on The Talk yesterday that his first kiss was with Fergie!

They were on a TV show called Kids Incorporated together, which was on from 1984 to 1990. Cute!


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