By Christine Lee

Corey Feldman is raising money to fund a documentary about pedophilia in Hollywood. And is alleged sexual predator Bill Cosby in a better position than alleged sexual predator Harvey Weinstein? Find out in today’s Hollywood Stories…

No one thought the Boston Globe could blow the lid off the Catholic priest abuse scandal in the most Catholic town in America, but they did, and then a movie was made about it– Spotlight. That movie went on to win numerous awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture. So say what you will about Corey Feldman’s plan to shed light on pedophilia in Hollywood and finally reveal the details of sexual abuse he faced as a child actor. He’s going forward with a documentary based on his life:

So far he’s raised $98 thousand dollars of his $10 million goal, using crowd sourcing website IndieGoGo. He’s not looking for studio backing, and there’s plenty of people who may be living in the shadows, and willing to donate to his project, so we’ll see how close he gets to his goal. Feldman tried to tell the story on The View in 2013, to Barbara Walters, and she said “You’re damaging an entire industry.”

A new article by Law Newz says Harvey Weinstein is probably going to be in much bigger trouble than Bill Cosby ever was. The reason? Bill Cosby was America’s dad, he was a huge celebrity, and everybody loved him. Harvey Weinstein may have cast a tall shadow in Hollywood, but nobody else knew who he was, so public opinion was never behind him in the first place.

gettyimages 837132200 Hollywood Stories: Corey Feldmans Truth Campaign

(Photos by Michael Bryant-Pool/Getty Images & Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Speaking of Bill Cosby, he is looking to take a $30 million dollar loan against his Upper Eastside townhouse to pay for his mounting legal fees, as he faces a retrial for sexual assault.

gettyimages 56571647 Hollywood Stories: Corey Feldmans Truth Campaign

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Remember the made-up memoir A Million Little Pieces? It was a big book on Oprah’s book club that sparked a big controversy when the author claimed it was his memoir and it turned out that it was partially fabricated. It’s being turned into a film, and hopefully it’ll be a good one because the book was quite amazing.

DVR Reminder– there’s a SNL special airing this Saturday night at 11:30, The David S. Pumpkins Animated Special!

No clue what it’s going to be about, but Christine will be watching! And you can get the David S. Pumpkins Halloween costume on Amazon!

gettyimages 843767456 Hollywood Stories: Corey Feldmans Truth Campaign

(Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Celebrity Fight Night)

Jaclyn Smith is 72 today, and looks gorgeous! She was one of the original Charlie’s Angels.

Are you guys caught up on This Is Us? YOU HAVE TO!! Mandy Moore is engaged to one of the guys from the rock band Dawes, and she can thank Instagram for it. She posted a picture of their album, the singer Taylor Goldsmith saw it and reached out to her, and the rest is history!

The post that started it all:


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