By Christine Lee

Corey Feldman is naming names! He said on Dr. Oz that former bit-part actor Jon Grissom (not to be confused with author John Grisham) starred with him and Corey Haim in two film, and sexually molested him as a child.

Dr. Oz and his team went on a background check of this John Grissom character, and he has an extensive arrest record, ranging from assault to theft to drugs… and he even went to jail for child molestation.

When Corey Feldman wrote his book choreography in 2013, his lawyers made him change the name of John Grissom to Ron Crimson… but everyone in the business knew who he was talking about.

gettyimages 668270298 Hollywood Stories: Corey Feldman, Naming Names

(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Hollywood Reporter)

The fall continues for Harvey Weinstein. They’ve re-opened rape charges in the case of Pas de la Fuerta, who claims that he raped her in 2010. Weinstein was seeking treatment, but he checked himself out and someone caught him traveling in first class on a plane, with a suitcase filled with prescription drugs in massive quantities. Where is he going? And what is he doing?

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(Photo credit: NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images)

Kevin Spacey reportedly turned the set of House of Cards into a sexual playground, which he allegedly used to harass and abuse young male staffers. Eight people who work on the show, or worked on it in the past, have come forward and accused him of misconduct. At least one person is claiming he was sexually assaulted… reportedly, Spacey stuck his hands down his pants.

At this point, is the show even going to come back?

The website Jezebel has been trolling Megyn Kelly since day one; every single day, they write an article called ‘Megyn Kelly Today, Today’ where they recap everything. Well, they had a field day when this happened:

Women provide the dessert?? Every single day, she’s out there speaking out and crusading… then, to Matt Lauer, she’s providing dessert?

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(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images)

If you bought everything on Oprah’s 2017 list of favorite things, it would cost you more than $13 thousand dollars. She has 132 items on the list, ranging from a two grand TV, to a ten dollar earbuds case. She had pajamas on the list. The top was $168, the bottom was $168… which emans you’re spending over three hundred dollars on PJs! Oprah also says an olive tree is a great gift, for a mere $53, and she says she has olive trees in her bedroom!

gettyimages 848728696 Hollywood Stories: Corey Feldman, Naming Names

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Jeremy Piven dropped off the Late Show amidst his sexual harassment scandal.

Prince Jackson has suffered minor injuries after a motorcycle crash. He was involved in an accident on his way to college yesterday, but he’s now recovering.

Bad Moms with Mila Kunis was an awesome movie, and now the sequel is here– A Bad Moms Christmas!

This is gonna be a HUGE hit!


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