By Gina J

Matt Munson from The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise stopped by to dish with Gina J on dating and relationships, offering his male perspective.

Gina keeps seeing reports of celebrity men dating much younger women; half their age and even younger. So, what’s up with that?! She wanted to hear Matt’s thoughts on this.

Matt:  That’s been forever, though. That’s always been going on. Some guys like classic cars, others like a brand new Ferrari or Maserati. There’s something to be said for an older woman with a younger man. It should work both ways, otherwise, it’s a double standard.

Gina: I just keep seeing it more and more in the press. Like 74-year-old Mick Jagger with a 23-year-old.

Matt: But you were probably rooting for J.Lo when she was with that younger guy.

Gina: No.

Matt:  I would think you’d have more in common with someone who’s around your age.

Gina: Is it a mid-life crisis?

Matt: Could be a mid-life crisis. Could be competition with your buddies, “I can get this cute young thing.” I don’t want to defend us because I see where those guys are coming from. Some girls want a sugar daddy and guys want a sugar momma.

Gina: I just get defensive because when I used to online date, I remember reaching out and get emails saying, “Sorry, you’re out of his age demo.” They were all my age and said girls had to be at least ten years or younger and one guy said, “I deserve that.”

Matt: Whoa. Excuse us! What’s to say you’re not missing out on someone your own age that could be a perfect fit for you!? No one should have a rule or an age gap.

Gina: I think if you’re so much of an age gap, what do you really have in common besides the physical stuff? That’s it. Once you get past that, then what? I went out on a date with an older guy once. I had nothing in common with him. I said I wanted to go see Katy Perry and he said, “Oh, my daughter likes her.”

Matt:  Maybe the rule of thumb should be that you probably shouldn’t date someone who could be your mother, father, or kid.

Gina: Next week we’re gonna talk about commitment because the holidays are coming up! You’re gonna be in the hot seat, buddy.

Matt:  These are gonna be some long nights thinking about how I’m gonna defend myself. Again, I’ll try to prove that it does work both ways.



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