By Christine Lee

Did Louis CK join the dirty old disgusting men’s club? And Corey Haim’s mother names her son’s assailant. Plus, it’s reputation day for all you #Swifties!

The New York Times printed accusations yesterday from five women who say Louis CK harassed them either by playing with himself in front of them, or asking if he could. A couple comedians say he invited them to a hotel room, asked if he could expose himself to them, and they thought he was joking… until he did it.

A lot of these women are fellow comedians, who are on the circuit with Louis. They went around and told other people about it, until Louis’ manager came gunning for them. But it didn’t stop Louis from joking about it.

Okayyy… but you’ve got to not do it in front of other people who don’t want to see it.

Now the repercussions are coming out, and it’s gonna hit Louis in the wallet. His new movie I Love You, Daddy had its premiere axed, and HBO has removed all of his standup specials. He was supposed to do the rounds on all the late night shows, but those appearances have also been cancelled.

Corey Haim’s mom Judy Haim was on Dr Oz’s show, and not only did she reveal Corey Haim’s alleged abuser, they digitized her mouth and they bleeped it, because they couldn’t do the legal back checks on her claim. But she said the name in front of the audience… and then she discredited what Corey Feldman said about Charlie Sheen having raped her son at age 13.

It wasn’t like Corey asked to sleep with him, and she wasn’t there.

gettyimages 819891964 edited 1 Hollywood Stories: Louis CK Accused of Sexual Harassment

(Photo by Jason Bean-Pool/Getty Images)

TMZ claims O.J. Simpson was thrown out of the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas for getting drunk, belligerent, and breaking glasses. O.J.’s lawyer admits he was banned from the hotel, but insists he did nothing wrong. How do you get banned from a hotel for doing nothing wrong? O.J. is on probation, which means if he got arrested for something (like, say, getting drunk and belligerent and breaking glasses) he could go back to jail.

gettyimages 678070136 Hollywood Stories: Louis CK Accused of Sexual Harassment

(Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for

Serena Williams and friends had a bachelorette weekend in New York, and now she’s off to New Orleans to marry Reddit co-founder Alex Ohanian.

gettyimages 850462022 Hollywood Stories: Louis CK Accused of Sexual Harassment

(Photo by Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Julia Louis Dreyfus completed her third round of chemo with help from a motivational video made by her Veep co-stars, complete with dirty and inappropriate Veep jokes, which she loved. Dreyfus was diagnosed with breast cancer earlier this year.

taylor swift211 Hollywood Stories: Louis CK Accused of Sexual Harassment

The old Taylor Swift is dead, and rising from the ashes of 1989 comes reputation, available for purchase today!

Last night during a break on ABC’s Scandal, Taylor Swift debuted her new track “New Year’s Day” which was filmed at a Rhode Island home in front of a roomful of invited fans.

In her new song “Gorgeous,” Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s son has an album credit for “baby intro voice.”

Also interesting– the song marks the first time Taylor has referenced getting drunk!
In the five albums she has released, Swift never mentioned alcohol (a wise move, considering the age of her fans).

The new Taylor gets drunk on whiskey and ice, and she also swears, dropping an s-bomb on the album… she’s getting nasty! reputation includes a collaboration with Future and Ed Sheeran called “Endgame,” which people think is about her ex-boyfriend Tom Hiddleston.


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