By Christine Lee

The rehab clinic where Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey are doing a stint believes that the sexual addiction problem these men have is a brain disease, and one of the ways to treat this disease is to be celibate for eight weeks. Every married person everywhere is right now saying ‘I got this. No big deal.’

It costs about $58,000 to be at The Meadows clinic, and treatment includes meditation, group therapy, journaling, examining sexual fantasies, and creating a relapse prevention system. Apparently the program is more like a boot camp than a vacation, however they would not elaborate on how it is more like a boot camp.

For the record, the American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association do not recognize sexual addiction as a disease.

Corey Feldman was on Dr. Oz yesterday, and he opened up about yet another abuser, and what this guy would do.

Feldman confirmed the identity of his alleged abuser when Dr. Oz showed him a picture, but the name hasn’t been vetted and Feldman noted he does not yet have legal representation.

nick jonas 2017 Hollywood Stories: Inside Weinstein & Spaceys Rehab Clinic

Photo: Rowan

Nick Jonas is 25 years old today. He’s been rich and famous for more than half his life, but that doesn’t mean he’s totally independent. Moms of boys and girls everywhere can understand this– Nick said his laundry is the first thing he thinks about after going back home to visit his parents. He’s not taking advantage, she wants to do his laundry! Christine asks her mom to do her laundry, and she does it every time with a huge smile… so she can relate!

Will Smith is just overworked. In fact he’s so overworked, he’s looking for a few more Will Smith’s to help him out.

He needs an army of Will Smiths! If Smith is going to help them out financially, what’s wrong with that? It’s a win-win situation.

gettyimages 496002282 Hollywood Stories: Inside Weinstein & Spaceys Rehab Clinic

(Photo by Gabriel Olsen/Getty Images)

Actor Tom Sizemore was kicked off a film set in 2003 after he was accused of fondling an 11-year-old girl. The Saving Private Ryan actor was forced to leave a Utah film set after the young girl told her parents that Sizemore touched her inappropriately, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The now 26-year-old actress did not comment, but mentioned that she has hired a lawyer. Sizemore has had a history of drugs and alcohol problems, and previously appeared on the Dr. Drew sober house show, but didn’t make it through the program.

Comedian and host of the podcast WTF Marc Maron, who is friends with lots of comedians in the industry, including Louis CK, and he said people had heard these rumors about Louis in the past. Maron spoke to his friend about it.

tyrese radiodotcom 946 Hollywood Stories: Inside Weinstein & Spaceys Rehab Clinic

Tyrese (Yeong Lim for

Tyrese well represent himself in court today, unless he finds another attorney. A source close to the legal battle between Tyrese and his ex-wife confirmed that Tyrese’s lawyer is no longer representing him. Basically, his lawyer fired him. If you’re going to go on social media and cry, and ruin what he was trying to do as an attorney, he couldn’t represent him.

Jimmy Kimmel got a surprise when Ray Romano appeared as a secret guest.

To celebrate Jimmy’s 50th birthday, Ray donated $50,000 to the L.A. Children’s Hospital… and announced Disney was giving the hospital an additional $250,000. That’s great!


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