By Gina J

Joe Carabase from MELT Fitness is here to help us get into shape with some fitness tips every MELT Monday with Gina J!

This week, Joe shares tips and holistic treatments on how to prevent catching a cold and boosting your immunity to keep you from getting even sicker if you feel it coming on.

Raw Garlic
Eating raw garlic will give you terrible breath (and Gina is worried it’ll scare away guys, LOL!), but it’s one of the best things for your immune system. When you cook it, you don’t get all the benefits of eating it raw. And yes, it can be pretty gnarly eating raw garlic, so try to mask it in spinach, EVOO, or even peanut butter. Having 2-3 pieces over the course of the day, it’ll help fight off that sickness.

Vitamin C
It’ll combat that garlic smell. A good source is oranges. One or two oranges a day. There’s a little bit of sugar in there, but it’s okay – it’ll give you a great amount of vitamin C. There are those Emergen-C drops that are okay, but not as good as an actual orange.

Flush Your System 
Drinking at least half your body weight in ounces of water per day, even upwards of 0.75! That’s just gonna help clean and flush out whatever you have going on.

When your body fatigues, the only way to recover is a good night of sleep.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Literally do a shot of it. It’s good for digestion, too.


For more information, contact Joe at  and follow Joe Carabase on Instagram and Facebook and M.E.L.T on Instagram!


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