By Christine Lee

There’s a Royal Wedding on the horizon! Plus, Josh Hutcherson recalls a gassy encounter with Tom Hanks. And what does Jerry Seinfeld watch on TV? Find out now!

Prince Harry, fifth in line to the British throne, will marry Meghan Markle next Spring. They will live at Nottingham Cottage, Kensington Palace in London. Prince Charles was delighted to make the announcement, saying more details about the wedding day would be announced “in due cause.”

It’s quite a long way from 1936, when King Edward gave up the throne for love, abdicating to marry American socialite and divorcee Wallis Simpson. It was scandalous for the time, but now now we have an American woman who is engaged to be Her Royal Highness. By the way, Meghan is an older woman, too, at 36… Prince Harry is 33.

Nick Carter has responded to rape allegations made against him, after singer Melissa Schuman wrote a blog post accusing him of assaulting her in 2002. Nick responded by saying “I’m shocked and saddened by the accusations” and he told Vulture Magazine Schuman is the second woman to come forward with such allegations. For the record Nick has denied them both.

Bob Saget told People magazine that in a post-Louis C.K. world, much of his previous humor seems pretty inappropriate now. He said: “I would take back things from my previous special, and especially the one before it… I definitely would run the clock back, because you can’t say the things you said. It’s not the same world, and it shouldn’t be.”

The hiatus on production of House of Cards‘ sixth and final season has been extended another two weeks. They’re trying to figure out how to proceed without Kevin Spacey. Why not just kill him off and move on? People are going to get paid beginning November 27th, which is good of the production.

PIXAR’s newest animated feature Coco sang its way to the fourth best Thanksgiving box office ever, with an estimated 71.2 million dollars. Here’s the trailer:

Polar Express is another fantastic animated feature, with Tom Hanks playing just about every role… but did you know it was also one of the first big movies for Josh Hutcherson? And during the making of the movie, he apparently passed gas in Tom Hanks’ face… and Tom– instead of staying quiet– made a big deal about it!

Can you imagine, a poor 9-year-old kid?

David Cassidy’s daughter said his last words were “So much wasted time.” That is such a sad thing, if that actually happened.

Will Ferrell is in one of the classic Christmas movies of all time, Elf, where he played Buddy the Elf. But did you know he’s also a doctor?

Ron Howard’s father passed away on Saturday, age of 89. Rance Howard was probably best known for his parts in Ron’s movies, including Apollo 13, Parenthood, Splash, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

What’s Jerry Seinfeld’s favorite thing on TV? It’s actually an infomercial for that Flex Seal stuff!

Jerry says his house has absolutely no leaks. He uses the goo, but it also comes in tape and caulk… but that last one sucks.


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