By Christine Lee

Today topped Good Morning America for the first time in a long time, in the wake of Matt Lauer’s firing. Plus, Beyonce awards Colin Kaepernick, LiLo finds a new friend, and more.

Matt Lauer’s firing lured viewers back to the Today show, which beat Good Morning America for the first week in three months, according to the Nielsen Company. Today had more viewers than GMA every day last week for the first time since last December.

john mayer frank ockenfells Hollywood Stories: Today Makes Hay of Matt Lauers Firing

John Mayer / Frank Ockenfells

John Mayer has been hospitalized for an emergency appendectomy. He was admitted to the hospital for the emergency procedure, postponing the Dead and Company concert in New Orleans on December 5th.

Sports Illustrated gave out its Sports Person of the Year Awards last night, and the Beyonce made a surprise appearance to present Colin Kaepernick with the Muhammad Ali Legacy Award:

Bey was also photographed in an elevator with her husband Jay-Z, but this time on purpose… no kicking.

sipa 21278394 Hollywood Stories: Today Makes Hay of Matt Lauers Firing

(Photo by Scott Kirkland/Fox//PictureGroup)

Terry Crews is suing the Hollywood agent who he says groped him, claiming that he was psychologically harmed from the experience. Crews says at a party last year, William Morris Endeavor Agent Adam Venit stared at him like a rabid dog, sticking his tongue in and out of his mouth provocatively, then grabbed his genitals. Crews, who already filed a police report of the incident, said he then shouted to nearby comedian Adam Sandler (one of Venit’s clients) “Adam come get your boy, he’s grabbing me by the ****.”

It totally underscores the whole mindset of sexual harassment– you pick on someone you know you can manipulate, because you’re in a position of power… even if your victim is bigger than you. Let’s see what they do about this case now that there’s a police file AND a lawsuit.

ed sheeran sthanlee b mirador spia usa today Hollywood Stories: Today Makes Hay of Matt Lauers Firing

Photo: Sthanlee B. Mirador / Sipa / USA Today

Spotify released a lot of year-end data yesterday, including the most-streamed artists and songs. The top male artist worldwide was Ed Sheeran, the top female artist was Rihanna, and the number 1 song was Ed’s “Shape of You” from his album Divide.

A new photo of Billy Bush holding hands with his former Access Hollywood producer Tara Bernie has people wondering if Billy has found a new soulmate, after separating from his wife of 20 years, Sydney Davis. Billy and Tara had worked together for 15 years, and she claims they’re just friends. The photo at issue is of him walking Tara to her Uber after dinner.

Lindsay Lohan is still using that bizarre fake accent of hers. This time, she was talking to a beggar in Greece. It happened back in August, but it’s just surfaced on the Instagram account of this new guy she’s hanging out with, a massive arm wrestler who calls himself the “Korean Hulk.”

Mykonos mafia?! @lindsaylohan No~!!! She is a mykonos peacemaker !!! 🤘🤘🤘 아침까지 신~나게 놀고 밖에 나왔는데, 한 아이가 달려와 야광팔찌를 사달라면서 막 신발에 뽀뽀하며 안아주는거에요. 아이가 너무 귀엽기도 했지만, 순간 지금 시간까지 놀다가 들어가는 내 모습이 이 아이에게는 과연 어떻게 비춰질까하는 생각에 제 모습이 너무 너무 부끄러웠죠 ㅠㅠ 재빨리 지갑에서 돈을 꺼내려고 하는데, Lindsay가 버럭 소리치면서 돈을 주지 말라는 거에요. 그러더니 옆에 아이와 함께 온 할머니에게도 막~ 소리를 지르면서 뭐라고 하길래…아 진짜 이 아이는 진짜 뭐 위,아래도 없구나 라고 순간 생각했죠. 돈을 들고있는 제 손, 그걸 바라보는 똘망똘망한 아이 그리고 할머니까지 너무 민망한 상황인지라…제가 할머니랑 아이에게 미안하다고 저 친구가 술을 좀 많이 마셔서 그러니깐 이해해달라고 하면서 아이 손에 지폐 몇 장을 재빨리 쥐어주고 걸음을 옮기려고 하는데, Lindsay가 이번에는 완~전 발끈하면서 아이 손에 있는 지폐를 심지어 뺏어버리는 거에요. "너는 왜 니가 준 돈도 아닌데, 왜 그러냐;;;"면서 제가 뭐라고 하니깐 Lindsay는 절대 절대 돈을 주지말라고 하면서 막 부탁을 하는거에요. 알고봤더니…고아였던 이 아이는 누군가에 의해 고용이 되었던거고, 그 누군가를 위해서 어린 나이에 마냥 기계처럼 구걸을 하고있는 거였죠. 미코노스 번화가에는 이런 아이들이 정말 많은데, 모두 다 자발적인 것이 아니라 어떠한 조직에 의해 강제로 이루어지는 일들이었던거죠. 그리고 Lindsay는 그게 싫었던 거에요. 어떤 미래가 있을 지 모르는 이렇게 어린 아이가 매일 매일 구걸을 하다보면, 아이가 도대체 어떻게 바르게 자랄 수 있으며 돈을 주는 사람들이 계속 있으면 있을 수록 이 아이들은 그 생활에서 벗어날 수 없다는거였죠. 와…진짜 엄청난 충격이었어요. 눈 앞에 있는 상황만 바라보고 행동한 제 모습도 너무 부끄러웠고, 그냥 지나칠 수 있었던 상황도 더 깊게보고 소신대로 행동한 lindsay가 좀 대견해보이기도 했어요. 워낙 어디로 튈 지 모르는 성격이라 또 막 우리가 이 아이를 같이 키워야된다면서 악의 구렁텅이에서 구원한다고 집으로 데리고 간다는 걸, 잘 타이르고 설득하느라 애는 좀 먹었지만, 수 많은 구설수와 헐리우드 악동이라는 타이틀 이면에 이런 깊은 생각(?)과 행동도 하는 Lindsay 랍니다 ^^

A post shared by Je-yong Ha (@koreanhulk) on

What is that voice? It’s kind of a Russian accent, but not really?

New footage from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom surfaced thanks to Bryce Dallas Howard, who stars in the movie. She is returning for the 2018 sequel along with Chris Pratt. In the clip, Pratt’s character is seen running at full speed away from a burning forest, and his word of warning to her is “RUN!” If you saw the first movie, the entire time Howard is wearing a pair of massively high heels, despite the fact that she’s constantly running through the mud. Everyone was lit about it, so Ellen made a point to ask if she gets to wear more comfortable shoes in the sequel:

Spoiler alert: She does.


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