By Gary Craig

American neurosurgeon and medical reporter Sanjay Gupta is catching flack for saying Donald Trump was, essentially, obese. And despite getting a clean bill of health from his doctor after his physical exam, there’s no denying… Trump is fat.

How fat is he? So glad you asked….

Trump is so fat…
…when he sent his pants to the cleaners, and the lady said “We don’t do curtains.”

Trump is so fat…
…his picture from last Christmas is still printing.

Trump is so fat…
…as a child he had to be baptised… at Sea World.

Trump is so fat…
…when Gary pictured him in his head, he broke his neck.

Trump is so fat…
…he has to wear two watches– one for each time zone he’s in.

Trump is so fat…
…he likes to open all his emails, because he heard they contain Spam.

Trump is so fat…
…when he walked in front of the TV, Melania missed three seasons of This Is Us.

Trump is so fat…
…last time he saw 90210, he was on a scale.

Trump is so fat…
…he was born with a silver shovel in his mouth.

Trump is so fat…
…he has smaller Trumps orbiting around him.

Trump is so fat…
…when they bring KFC to the White House, he licks other people’s fingers.

Trump is so fat…
…his blood type is Special Sauce.


Welcome to the Girther Movement!


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