By John Elliott

Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the news! Here are some of today’s highlights!

One of the kings of Bravo TV is Fredrik Eklund the multimillionaire star of Million Dollar Listing. Today is the day they visit Farmington, Connecticut to show a certain home… his newest client is 50 Cent! The house is insane – it has a night club, movie theater, indoor pool, etc. It was originally on the market for $18 million, but it’s now going for only $5 million. 50 Cent won’t be there for the showing – he’s filming his show Power.

One out of three Americans say they can’t get through a meal without being on their phone. There’s a thing people do when they go out to dinner where everyone has to put their phone in the middle of the table and the first person who reaches for theirs has to pay the whole check.

Survey also found that the average American thinks about food seven times a day.

A 21-year-old guy in NYC  has Down Syndrome. He started a business called John’s Crazy Socks. They are very cool socks and have a five-star rating. He has socks specific to different causes (i.e. Down Syndrome, Lupus, Breast Cancer, etc – and a portion goes to those causes.)  This kid made revenue of $1.7 million dollars in a year!

Two guys who were trafficking 500 lbs. of marijuana got caught in North Dakota…. cops pulled them over because they were driving too SLOW!

A wealthy attorney in Florida pulled up at a hotel for an attorney conference in his $300,000 Ferrari. He parked via valet…. fast forward to a loser trying to impress his girlfriend, telling valet “go get my Ferrari over there.” They asked for the ticket stub, he says he left it in the car. Valet retrieves the car, loser gets in the car with his girlfriend and tries to drive off… but driving a Ferrari and its seven forward gears can be a challenge, so cops noticed the erratic driving… and cocaine on the center console. Loser was under arrest. The attorney is suing the hotel for damage to his transmission.

A Japanese company that brought us an armpit fan and pocket washing machine has another weird gadget… a nose hair trimmer that plugs into a smart phone for charging.

The Lighter Side of the News is presented by Farmington Bank.


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