By Christine Lee

Hope from Bristol took on the challenge! Find out how she did and play along here! Highlight underneath each question to see the answer… and see if you Can’t Beat Christine!

Some guy ran into Matthew Broderick on Long Island and asked for a picture. So he asked Matthew’s friend to move out of the frame and afterwards, he realized the friend was Jerry Seinfeld. Who has Matthew Broderick been married to since 1997?
Sarah Jessica Parker

An online sports book has already put out some ridiculous bets you can make about Super Bowl like how many times “wardrobe malfunction” will be said during the broadcast. True or false – the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction occurred during the first Patriots/Eagles Super Bowl?

Tom Hanks will play Mr. Rogers in a movie called You Are My Friend. Now, in Mr. Rogers theme song, what did he want you to be?
His neighbor 

Wilmer Valderrama turned 38 yesterday. He used to be Fez on That ’70s Show but now he plays Nick Torres on what show?

Trump’s State of the Union address was last night. Who is the current Speaker of the House?
Paul Ryan 

Tune into Craig & Company every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for your next chance to play Can’t Beat Christine!



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