By Gina J

Matt Munson from The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise stopped by to dish with Gina J on dating and relationships, offering his male perspective.

This week though, it’s all about the latest episode The Bachelor! And no one better than franchise alum Matt Munson to break it all down with Gina!

Matt: What’s keeping me engaged is Krystal. She’s this season’s Corinne, so-to-speak. That explains why I didn’t get much screen time; they need that “nuts” person for your viewing pleasure. They spice things up. Krystal is the villain who everyone wants to see go. They’re threatened by her. She’s keeping everyone on their toes.

Gina: I would watch next season if she become The Bachelorette. [Spoiler Alert!] Some fans might not like this, but Reality Steve is saying that Arie picks Becca (not the young Bekah, the older one), but then weeks in he calls off the engagement and goes to the runner up, which is Lauren!

Matt: Supposedly, but we don’t for sure. This Steve guy has been wrong before. I can tell you stuff he thought about me that was wrong.

Gina: AND I have a friend who was on a flight with a girl who claims she dated Arie for two months and she found out after that he was talking to many other women at the same time, that he has a bad rep as a real estate agent, and that his M.O. to avoid confrontation when he doesn’t want to talk about something is to just start making out!

Matt: Well, he’s the kissing bandit! A week ago we were talking about how he was boring, and now he’s this woman eater and he’s like PLAYER. So he thought twice about his decision…

Gina: He pulls a [Jason] Mesnick who was on several seasons ago. He picked the girl and then decided he wanted the runner-up instead.

Gina and Matt will be here to recap next week’s episode.


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