By Christine Lee

Andy Grammer checked in with Christine Lee from Craig & Company! The ‘Smoke Clears’ singer talked about his new album The Good Parts, parenting, and… Tom Brady?

What are your thoughts on Best Buy no longer selling CDs? Everything is moving into streaming and digital.
Well, I’m in a rental car and I don’t see a CD player, so I think we’re kind of done with that… which is sad in the idea that it’s kind of cool to hold something, but you can’t hang on to the past. Move forward, I’m in.

Your daughter, Louisiana, is 7 months old. When she’s older and asks about the album, are there songs about her?
There are undeniably songs about her. There’s one called ‘Always’ about that bond of parenting and there’s one called ‘Spaceship’ about waiting for somebody to come. I think she’ll be able to listen to it and get a lot from it.

You share cool photos with your dad on Instagram. How cool is it that parenting makes you appreciate what your parents did for you?
Yeah when you have a kid, you understand how insane it is. When you wake up every night for two weeks in a row and you don’t sleep at all, you kind of look at your parents differently.  You say, “They did this for me and I never said thank you?!”

What’s the most amount of money you’ve spent so far on baby gadgets?
The stroller was pretty expensive, but it just kind of all adds up… it’s not really one specific thing.

How would you describe the sound of this album versus your previous two albums? You’ve evolved and changed.
It was fun little experimenting with a touch of EDM and then also going super organic… a lot of taking stabs in either direction.

You were tweeting about the Super Bowl! Who were you rooting for? 
It was a really good game. I’ve spent a lot of time in Boston and I love the idea that [Tom] Brady never gives up. It’s so cliche, it’s like the dumbest guy thing to be like, “he inspires me.” I know that sounds stupid, but I am. I’m a Brady fan.

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