By Christine Lee

A new study from The New York Times claims to have figured out why we don’t like new music once we get older. They say it’s because we tend to prefer the music from our angst-ridden, impressionable teenage years.

Hey New York Times speak for yourself, I love new music–but I’ll admit it took me a while to ‘get’ Lorde.

Anyway, researchers found we gravitate toward the type of music that was popular when we were in middle school and high school. Once you’re in your mid 20s, your taste in music is pretty much set in stone.

If I had to choose the one song I most loved at say—age 14, it would have to be Madonna’s Into the Groove. I still remember holding a hairbrush as a microphone while signing & dancing to my reflection in the mirror.

And yes, I totally had it on a 45. (Snarky translation: A 45 is a record that contains a single song on the “A” side and a less popular tune on the “B” side. Earthlings used to listen to records and talk to their friends on their rotary phones while their moms would yell at them for tying up the phone line because there was no such thing as ‘call-waiting’.)

I asked some of my co-workers here at 96.5 TIC what song represents their favorite tune from when they were 14.

36 year old Ryan was 14 in 1995 when Everclear’s Santa Monica was his jam. He says to this day, he can still listen to that album front-to-back on repeat.

For 31 year old Michael, at 14 in 2000 it was NSYNC or die baby.

50 year old George got a huge smile on his face recalling ACDC’s You Shook Me All Night Long from 1980. Hmmm, what was George up to at age 14?!

I even asked my 15 year old son what his favorite song was at age 14 and he had an immediate answer, Eminem’s Without Me.

Wait, that song came out in 2002 the same year my son was born! Well, I guess thanks to digital media and the immediate availability of music from all decades, it’s easy to see how todays generation can connect to songs that were around long before they were.

So, what song was your everything from back in the day?


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