The Fame Files: Mary Tyler Moore (2001)The legendary actress known for The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show spoke with Craig and Company in 2001.
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 3 - The Bachelor 2203We talk about Bekah’s status as a favorite and if her age will – and should – play a part in her chances to stick around until the end.
The Fame Files: Jeff Bridges (2000)The first thing legendary actor Jeff Bridges wanted to be was a musician, and he talked about the realization of that dream with Craig and Company in the year 2000, when he released his debut album 'Be Here Soon.'
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 2 - The Bachelor 22.2Arie put his foot on the gas this week with some superpowered dates, but did we learn more from how each woman reacted?
The Fame Files: Gwyneth Paltrow (2000)It was an election year and Gwyneth didn't hesitate to share who she was voting for in 2000.
THE BACHELOR PADcast: Episode 1 - The Bachelor 22.1Laurens and Tia and Beccas… oh my! The Bachelor is finally back as we get our first look at Arie Luyendyk since he was on the Bachelorette all the way back in Season 8.
The Fame Files: Larry King (1997)Larry jokes about Gary using his name as a claim to fame, "I know that a lot of people use me that way Gary, but you're overdoing it."
The Fame Files: James Earl Jones (1999)Ever wonder what it would sound like if Darth Vader wished you a Merry Christmas? Find out now!
The Fame Files: Rockapella (2017)Craig and Company was joined by one of the all time great a capella groups in the world, Rockapella to discuss their new album Rockapella Jams Volume One, their new "Millennial vibes," and more.
The Fame Files: Kevin Pollak (1999)Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak has appeared in over 80 films, and he joined Craig and Company to discuss his TV show Work With Me, the differences between TV and movies, and more.
The Fame Files: Kelly Clarkson (2011)If Kelly had to choose her favorite music/ reality TV show... what would it be?
The Fame Files: William Shatner (2001)William Shatner discusses some of the wild rumors about the documentary Mind Meld, the US version of Iron Chef, and more.

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