The Fame Files: Rockapella (2017)Craig and Company was joined by one of the all time great a capella groups in the world, Rockapella to discuss their new album Rockapella Jams Volume One, their new "Millennial vibes," and more.
The Fame Files: Kevin Pollak (1999)Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak has appeared in over 80 films, and he joined Craig and Company to discuss his TV show Work With Me, the differences between TV and movies, and more.
The Fame Files: Kelly Clarkson (2011)If Kelly had to choose her favorite music/ reality TV show... what would it be?
The Fame Files: William Shatner (2001)William Shatner discusses some of the wild rumors about the documentary Mind Meld, the US version of Iron Chef, and more.
The Fame Files: Dick Clark (2000)Craig and Company spoke to Dick Clark about being one of the few people to appear on every one of the major TV networks, the 27th Annual American Music Awards, and more.
The Fame Files: Barbara Corcoran (2017)Shark Tank's Barbara Corcoran joined Craig and Company to explain why she never regretted passing on a Shark Tank pitch, how a little intimidation can make for great TV, and more.
The Fame Files: Dan Akyroyd (1996)Dan Akyroyd spoke with Craig and Company about how he went from a fictional ghostbuster to a real-life supernatural believer.
The Fame Files: Chris Rock (1999)Chris Rock explained which publications insisted on changing the name of his tour to "Black Ambition," and gets a very special birthday song from Craig and Company. Listen now!
The Fame Files: David Spade (2001)David Spade joined Craig and Company in 2001 to explain which of his movies he wouldn't mind being off his credits list, his most notorious catch phrases, and more.
The Fame Files: George Foreman (1998)George talked about how the Lean, Mean Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine sparked a healthy eating craze across the country and much more!
The Fame Files: Hugh Hefner (2000)Hef describes the connection between Playboy and pop culture, and how the magazine has been a "rite of passage" for so many young men.
The Fame Files: Rod Stewart (1993)Rod Stewart joined Craig and Company to talk about touring with his family, why he thinks he'll live into his 90s, and what he considers to be his all time greatest song.

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