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90’s Limerick Talent, Dolores O’Riordan Passes At Age 46

The music world is at a loss with the passing of 90’s band front runner, Dolores O’Riordan. She’s leaves behind a legacy of Irish culture, family, and inspirational music.

96.5 TIC–21 hours ago

Pre-Gaming It, Valentine’s Day Style!

What Da Kidz Are Listening To, Valentine’s Love Bonus!  Set up that V-day playlist now, from back in the day, today! Guaranteed date satisfaction!

96.5 TIC–01/15/2018

ICYMI: Halsey Killing It On SNL!

Halsey killed it on stage on SNL this past weekend. Check out the performance!

96.5 TIC–01/15/2018

WDKALT: Sofi (yuah) Tukker (yuah)!

Back by popular demand, Episode 007 of WDKALT (What Da Kidz Are Listening To!) Our own Jimmy will definitely get your kids to do a double take when they hear you know this one!

96.5 TIC–01/15/2018

Don’t Fret Parents! Your Children Are Growing Up!

When you feel overloaded with the bountiful gifts your kids received, it’s easy to get stressed! Our very own DJ, @Jimmy965TIC, digs deeper into the art of parenting and turning overload into an action plan for development!

96.5 TIC–01/05/2018

Try It Today, Photo Stash It For The Year!

If you are planning to keep that Healthy and Fit Resolution, why not get started now! Check out this Pyramid!

96.5 TIC–01/01/2018

What’s In A Name?

Your name shapes you, your character, and your personality!  What names reveal the craziest women AND women most safe to settle down with!

96.5 TIC–01/01/2018

Us The Duo Recaps 2017!

Us The Duo, comprised of Mr.  Michael and Carissa Alvarado, is always fantastic at nailing every high note and beat of Today’s Best Variety!  Here’s a recap of the hits of  2017!

96.5 TIC–12/31/2017

New Year, New You! Resolve To Pay It Forward in 2018!

Don’t sit there and ponder what new and fresh New Year’s Resolution you will come up with for a new you!  Thousands upon thousands of people are going the “Pay It Forward” route!

96.5 TIC–12/31/2017

WDKALT: Mic Drop

Oh yes, yet another edition of What Da Kidz Are Listening To! Didn’t you ever want to know what the trending phrase “mic drop” really means? It features South Korean sensation, BTS!

96.5 TIC–12/30/2017

What To Expect When You Walk The Moon!

Walk The Moon will step One Foot, in front of the other into the Mohegan Sun! Here’s what to expect if you’re planning to experience the night!

96.5 TIC–12/27/2017

Holderness Family, Putting Out Un-Happiness Vibes?!

Apparently, there are a few “haters” of the ever-so trending, Holderness family. Have you seen their parenting parodies yet?

96.5 TIC–12/27/2017

Netflix, New Year, New Reasons To Watch!

Netflix is giving users and non users more reasons why to “Netflix, and Chill” in 2018!

96.5 TIC–12/26/2017

Close Connections, Or Embarrassing Empowerments!

We all know when it comes to kids and the Youth of America these days, even the hits could be avenues toward their hearts, or pitfalls to disaster! 

96.5 TIC–12/26/2017

Wow! NBC and SNL are Pulling Out All The Stops!

How far is too far to get ratings, even poking fun at a recent employee’s release?

96.5 TIC–12/10/2017

Momma Of The Year, Katie Holmes, Treats Her Precious Mini-Me!

We believe taking your daughter to a big name concert around the Christmas season is grounds for Momma of the Year, what do you think?

96.5 TIC–12/10/2017

Charlie Puth Takes A Backseat to Backstreet!

Charlie Puth thought he could lay-ith down, mono against monos in a Rap Battle! Did he fare well, or is this farewell?

96.5 TIC–12/08/2017

Who’s Who In Hollywood Actually Makes Friends-giving A Thing!

Thanksgiving is not only about family. Many find time to spend with the bestest of friends!

96.5 TIC–11/22/2017

What The Kids Are Listening To-Rolex

From time to time, I like to give moms, dads, and older siblings a taste of what the kids are listening to, that goes way beyond Today’s Best Variety. Listen to this week’s rendition of
“What the Kids are listening to”, as heard on Weekends on 96.5 TIC-FM!

96.5 TIC–11/05/2017

Shameless Season 8 Premieres Tonight!

Showtime brings back its juggernaut of a show, Shameless, tonight with tons of Gallagher fun!  Many have been waiting for this season premiere for a long time!

96.5 TIC–11/05/2017

Celebrity Prototypes

Could it be possible that artists assume a total body experience and are prototypes of artists past? Let’s see if you agree!

96.5 TIC–10/21/2017

Now This Is How You Make A Statement!

It’s that time of year again, and Firefighters from around the country are visiting our children to teach them about Fire Safety!  Hats off to the Mustang Fire Department in Oklahoma!

96.5 TIC–10/20/2017

What Men Should Never Do In Front Of The Girl He’s Dating!

Girls, you can admit, there are things about Him that absolutely drives you Cray!   However, you know full well that there are those deal breakers that we feel men should be aware of.

96.5 TIC–10/20/2017

Jimmy Fallon: Covert Operation or True Blue?

Jimmy Fallon has poked fun of some of the best, from silly parodies to his renowned singing of pop favorites!   So why is President Donald Trump granted immunity?

96.5 TIC–10/14/2017

From Versache To Hibachi?

Bruno Mars really hyped up the music scene with “Versache on the Floor”.   We decided to put a little spin on the track with a parody in the key of Versache! 

96.5 TIC–09/30/2017

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