Matt Munson: Hearing 'Why Are You Still Single?' At Holiday PartiesAre you tired of being asked when you're going to have kids? Enough with the personal questions already!
Matt Munson: Men Dating Much Younger WomenGina keeps seeing reports of celebrity men dating much younger women; half their age and even younger. So, what's up with that?! She wanted to hear Matt's thoughts on this.
Matt Munson: Ghosting and Zombie-ing.You've heard the term 'ghosting' but have you ever been 'zombied?' Matt Munson breaks it down with Gina J!
Matt Munson: Halloween Costumes and CouplesMatt says it's a big move when you celebrate Halloween with someone you're first dating... and of course, there's the ladies in sexy costumes.  
Matt Munson: Where To Go To Meet SinglesGina is always hearing about places to go to meet people and she needed a man's opinion on the usual suggestions. 
Matt Munson: Giving Men a Second ChanceMatt weighs in on second chances at relationships.
What Is 'Cuffing Season'? Matt Munson and Gina J Discuss!And it's not what you think it is...
Matt Munson & Gina J Break Down the Bachelor In Paradise FinaleWoman versus man, pessimist versus optimist, Gina J and Matt Munson have very different perspectives on where the cast of Bachelor In Paradise wound up in the finale. Let's talk about some of the couples!
Matt Munson on His 'Paradise' DepartureWho does he wish he kissed before he left?
BACHELOR IN PARADISEcast: Episode 3 - Bachelor In Paradise 4.3Matt made the decision to leave Bachelor In Paradise this week and his first stop to talk about it is with us! We’ll talk about his breaking point in paradise, relationship with Jasmine and possible surprise pick to be the next Bachelor.
Matt Munson Talks Premiere of 'Bachelor In Paradise'Is Matt leading Jasmine on? Gina thinks so!
Matt Munson Weighs In On 'The Bachelorette' Finale With Gina JWas Gina J flipping from #TeamBryan to #TeamPeter?

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