Listen To The Peg Leg Crank Call!Are you as amazed as I am with the man tap dancing with just one leg?! Then you'll love the Peg Leg crank call! Listen to one of the all-time greats...
Another LOST Crank Call, The Not Enough Money PhoneyphoneListen to another Phony Phone Crank Call from yesteryear... the Not Enough Money call!
The Greek Camping Crank CallListen to the latest Phony Phone Crank Call... the Greek Camping Phony!
Searching For Soles Crank Call
The Sigfried and Roy PhoneyphoneCheck out a special Phoneyphone Crank Call featuring the world's most famous tiger trainers... it's the Sigfried and Roy Phony!
The "Write That Down" Crank CallIt's time for yet another Phony Phone Crank Call! On today's call, Norman Frimp dials a music store in search for Adele and Pink... on cassette!
The "Write That Down" Crank Call!
Singing Valentine Crank Call
Bad TV Show Crank Call!
Superbowl 46 Crank Call!
2011's Top 5 Most Listened-To Phony Phone Crank Calls
The JEW-Ve-Derm Crank Call

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