Can't Beat Christine - December 4, 2017

December 4, 2017
Rachel from Bloomfield stepped up to take on Christine! How’d she do? Find out who won and play along with the questions below! Highlight underneath each question to see the answer! And see if you Can’t Beat Christine! Pamela Anderson tried to sweet talk the Secret Service into letting her see Vice President Mike Pence. She wanted to ask him for a pardon for Julian Assange. Pence was the governor of what state before he became VP? Indiana Zoe Kravitz turns 29 today. Her parents are Lenny Kravitz and what Cosby Show actress? Lisa Bonet Ed Sheeran just released a duet of his latest love ballad 'Perfect' with none other than Beyonce. What is her hyphenated last name? Knowles-Carter 96 years ago today the game Bingo made its debut and is now played in smoke-filled halls around the country. In a common game of Bingo, how many spaces do you need to fill in to win? Five Singer Andy Grammer is 33 today. Fill in the blank on one of his monster hits. "___, I'm good." Honey Tune into Craig & Company weekday mornings from 5:30-10:00 to play Can’t Beat Christine!