Jokes Back Asswards - 12/7

December 7, 2017
Craig and Company give you the punch line first, then the question. It’s Jokes Back Asswards! Highlight underneath each answer to see the question! Michael Flynn and Melania when Trump tries to touch her in bed.  Name two people who've rolled over David Lynch and Kate Upton Name people you might think of when you hear the words "Twin Peaks."  Winds and Snoop Dogg Name two things in Southern California that are really high right now.  That freshly whipped cotton candy isn't a hairstyle Aside from Jerusalem, what else has Trump recognized? An STD at the office Christmas party. What's the only bonus you're gonna get this year? Cuz he's gross enough, he's creepy enough, and doggone it people are repulsed by him. Why is Al Franken expected to resign today?    Tune in to Craig & Company weekday mornings from 5:30-10:00!