Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Was a Big Deal For A R I Z O N A

December 8, 2017
Nate, David, and Zach from A R I Z O N A explained one of the most 'insane' times they heard their song played, backstage at All Star Christmas. A R I Z O N A has only been around since 2015, but Nate, David, and Zach have been friends-- and music producers-- for a long time. From those humble beginnings, converting a car into a mobile studio before they had their own space, the band made a splash playing the biggest festivals in the country, landing on the Top Heatseekers, US Alternative, and Billboard 200 charts, and hearing their song "Electric Touch" during the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. That last one was a huge deal to David, in particular. "I went to school for television," he explained. "[Victoria's Secret Fashion Show] it's the best thing on TV on a technical level. The lighting, the camera work, it's amazing." All Star Christmas was A R I Z O N A's last show of the year, and it might be the last time they play some of the songs from their first album GALLERY... because they're hard at work on a follow up right now. But that doesn't mean they don't have favorite songs from their debut. "'Cross My Mind' is probably one of our favorite songs to play live. It's got so much energy, it's so much fun," Zach said. "'Brave Enough' is another one,. It was never a single on the album, we never dedicated much time to putting that one in people's faces... live, people loved 'Brave Enough' because of the energy, and it became something we loved."