What Inspired Fall Out Boy's 'Hold Me Tight Or Don't' Video

December 8, 2017
Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley from Fall Out Boy talked their new video-- and what the deal is with those llamas-- backstage at All Star Christmas. Fall Out Boy had wanted to make a Day of the Dead themed video for a long time, and they got the chance with "Hold Me Tight Or Don't" off their new album Mania. "We never had the right song for it," Pete Wentz explained. "[This song] seemed right, and we approached the people that do the L.A. Day of the Dead celebration. It seemed timely... there's so many narratives possible, of coming back for the day." "In working with the L.A. Day of the Dead people, we learned stuff," he continued. "I doubt we had the budget to do as deep of a dive as Pixar did (with Coco) but we wanted to honor it, and do it the right way." The Dia de los Muertos theme seems fitting, considering the band's tendency toward the fantastical. The llamas that have popped up in their videos (among other places) come from the same kind of place. "We grew up on Labyrinth and Neverending Story, and wanted to contribute a small part of the Jim Henson idea, so that's what it originally was. And then it was like, what other scenarios could they be in?" said Pete. Sadly, the creatures missed All Star Christmas. "The llamas do travel with us," Pete said, adding "It's hard to fly with them, though."