Melt Monday: Healthier Ingredients For Holiday Treats

December 12, 2017
Joe Carabase from MELT Fitness is here to help us get into shape with some fitness tips every MELT Monday with Gina J! The holiday season is upon us! And with that comes all sorts of treats and baked goods! So what kind of ingredients can you switch out for things to make it a little bit more healthy? Replace butter (or *gasp* margarine--eww) Use ghee instead, which is purified butter. Or you could use coconut oil, but ghee would be a more similar replacement... and it tastes the same! Instead of white flour Almond rice, quinoa, or coconut flour - they're all gluten-free. Do not use vegetable oil - there's no vegetable plant that gives you oil. It's all really processed. You can use non-scented coconut oil. In place of sugar Use Shakeology, organic honey, agave, or pure maple syrup. Instead of heavy cream Canned coconut milk. And don't worry about the fat - it's good saturated fat. It makes a big difference compared to the empty calories in heavy cream. Is there a chocolate chip replacement? There are soy and gluten-free chocolates. Or look for cocoa nibs. They can be bitter alone, but their flavor profile opens up when baked. Or you can get a smaller percentage cacao. Contact Joe at  and follow Joe Carabase on Instagram and Facebook and M.E.L.T on Instagram!