Craig & Company: Lighter Side of the News - 12/13

December 13, 2017
Every morning, Craig & Company bring you the Lighter Side of the News! Here are some of today’s highlights! There's a free offer from PornHub on Demand - the hi-def streaming service is offering it free for each of the 8 nights of Hanukkah. This year's inductees into the Library of Congress film registry, Field of Dreams, Titanic, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, Die Hard, Superman, and Dumbo. Researchers in New Zealand have recovered a fossil of a penguin that was roughly 5'10", 220 lbs! Eccentric millionaire Devon England is raffling off his estate! It comes with a Rolls Royce, a stocked wine cellar, housekeeper, gardener, swimming pool, and three-hole golf course. Tickets to the raffle are $13. Ladies, you can call it the man-flu if you like -- for years wives have complained that when men get sick, they turn into giant sick babies. Turns out flu in men can be more severe because women have stronger immune systems. Earlier this year we told you about the monster fat bird - this was a 143-ton mass of waste clogging the London sewer system. It was finally removed and will be on display - it consists of chunks of oil, fat, used diapers, and baby wipes. But don't worry, it's supposedly smell-controlled... ew! Wake up with Craig & Company every weekday morning from 5:30 to 10!