Hollywood Stories: Star Wars Wins Big at the Box Office

December 18, 2017
Just this weekend, Star Wars The Last Jedi earned $220 million at the box office. That's the second highest of all time, behind the film's 2015 predecessor Star Wars The Force Awakens, and a 41% jump over the $155 million opening posted by last year's Star Wars movie, Rogue One. The film opened with $104.8 million on Friday, making it only the second film in history to earn $100 million on Opening Day. If you add in the other countries that show the movie, it made half a BILLION dollars in one weekend! It opened on 4,232 screens. Here's a funny Star Wars side note: Carrie Fisher is gone, but not forgotten... especially by her beloved dog Gary. Fischer's long-time canine companion was taken to see a screening of Star Wars The Last Jedi, and recognized her late mother when he saw her on screen as General Leia Organa. https://twitter.com/ABC7Veronica/status/941533853511909376 This is according to a tweet from ABC reporter Veronica Miracle. The dog looked up, saw Carrie, and recognized her. The Last Jedi was Carrie's final film role. The director of Bad Santa revealed on Friday that he was prevented from hiring Mira Sorvino by Harvey Weinstein, amid accusations the disgraced studio head launched a smear campaign against the actress. Director Terry Zwigoff tweeted that he he had wanted to hire Sorvino, but was brutally brutally rebuffed by studio heads. https://twitter.com/realzwigoff/status/941864029051428866 His admission came after Lord Of The Rings director Peter Jackson claimed Weinstein orchestrated a smear campaign against Sorvino and Ashley Judd, in an attempt to black list the actresses from Hollywood. Ashley is one of the original people who came forward. Mario Batali issued an apology for the sexual misconduct accusations recently posted against him, via an online newsletter sent on Friday. But with his apology came an odd attachment-- a link to his recipe for pizza dough cinnamon rolls. That doesn't seem too appropriate, right? Track Palin, 28, is scheduled appear in state court in Palmer Alaska on a felony burglary charge, a misdemeanor assault, and criminal mischief charges, according to the court. Oh, Track... Matt Damon, who previously claimed he didn't know about Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct but then admitted Ben Affleck told him what allegedly happened to Gwyneth Paltrow, now says the consequences for that sort of behavior should fit the crime. Netflix is developing an eight-part series about the Watergate scandal, from executive producer George Clooney. Matt Charman, who co-wrote Bridge of Spies, will serve as the series writer, with Clooney's Smoke House Pictures producing. Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson made it clear which way he leans politically, by getting a tattoo of Hillary Clinton. Clinton got wind of the tribute, and responded in the Post's comments thread, saying: "Thanks Pete Davidson. This makes it significantly less awkward that I've had a Pete Davidson tattoo for a year. But seriously, I'm honored." We had a grand time at Mohegan Sun for All Star Christmas Night Two! Backstreet Boys, Fergie, and MAX were all there... and Fergie was particularly amazing. She did an interview with Christine Lee and Gina J, and then hung out backstage. She hugged everyone, talked to fans, and was so sweet and personable. After she got done with the photos, Fergie came over to John and said "Walk with me to my dressing room." Fergie told John she had to do her vocal warm up, something John knows how to do... so he started doing it with her in the hallway. She started matching what John was doing in the hallway! Fergie had her lighting crew in her entourage at all times... she was professionally lit constantly. And a little side note-- Fergie's bodyguard just happens to be Pascal Duvier, the bodyguard who was fired by Kim Kardashian after the Paris incident. In all fairness it was his night off in Paris, he just took the hit for it. And it turns out Pascal is the nicest guy ever.