Hollywood Stories: John Legend As Jesus, Gaga Goes Vegas!

December 20, 2017
Gaga goes to Vegas! Plus, John Legend becomes Jesus! More in today's Hollywood Stories! John Legend will play Jesus Christ in Jesus Christ Superstar live in concert on NBC on Easter Sunday. Lady Gaga is set to kick off a residency in Las Vegas at Park Theater at MGM! It will begin in late 2018. According to an inside source, she'll perform 74 dates with a possibility of more. It's said to cost one hundred million with Gaga taking in over one million per show! Will Smith's production company is developing a movie about Michael Jordan's year in minor league baseball called The Prospect. It will focus on his journey in baseball as comes to terms with father's death. His father's dream was for him to be in the MLB. The script is reportedly well-guarded. Will Smith is unlikely to play Michael Jordan in the film. It's official - Netflix is about to take the lead versus traditional TV! Of the 2000 people surveyed, 73% pay for traditional TV, a 3% drop from 2016. Comic and Silicon Valley star TJ Miller is the latest accused of sexual misconduct, but he and his wife issued a joint statement strongly denying the allegations. Selena Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey, voluntarily went to the hospital to be checked out by doctors - and rumors are suggesting it's because of an argument she had with Selena over her relationship with Justin Bieber. Sources are saying it's been a stressful time for Mandy. Selena's family doesn't approve of Justin, but this wasn't just about him. But Biebs is committed to making things better - he is adamant that he has changed.  Selena's people are saying the rumors are untrue.