See a Live Stream of Tiger Cubs!

December 22, 2017
OMGGGG, squeeeee! Move over, April the Giraffe! Enter Dorcas the Sumatran tiger and her two baby cubs! If you're as much of a feline enthusiast as I am, you will absolutely love this! The Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens (of Jacksonville, FL) welcomed the critically endangered babies in November. They are currently out of view for zoo guests (until they are older and undergo health tests), but we can watch them on a 24/7 live stream on YouTube! They will enter the full tiger enclosure when they're ready. (Learn more in the video's description). Tigers are magnificent creatures and it's an absolute shame that these beauties are endangered. I love watching the cubs pounce, play, and wrestle just like my domestic cats! If you ever get a chance, the Jacksonville Zoo is a great place to visit! I lived in Jacksonville for a couple years and had the opportunity to visit on numerous occasions. Definitely worth a trip! Plus, they have Jaguars to celebrate their home team! ;) RAWR!!   --Lisa Gold, 96.5 TIC Follow 96.5 TIC on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram Follow Lisa Gold on Twitter, Instagramand Snapchat (violetfeline)