Backstreet Boys Talk 25th Anniversary Plans & More

December 26, 2017
The Backstreet Boys talked their 25th anniversary plans and why they'll never be "Backstreet Men" backstage at All Star Christmas. Backstreet Boys were the headliners of All Star Christmas Night Two, and while the concert helped to wrap up the year, they've already focusing on 2018. It makes sense, especially because it will be a milestone year for the pop legends-- 2018 marks their 25th anniversary! "We formed in 93, which next April will be 25 years," they said. "Our first single didn't come out in the US until 95, and then that tanked and we went to Europe, where it blew up. But our first single that blew up in the US was 97, 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart'." So the plan in 2018 is to re-trace the same steps they took 24 years ago... spreading all over Europe and making their way back to the US. But the year will kick off in Las Vegas. The plan is to go back to Vegas January 31st through February 17th, then again in July, and once more in October and November. Between those dates, they're dropping a new single around March, working on a new album, and prepping their epic World Tour which will run through 2019. One thing that makes all this possible is the huge fan base Backstreet have garnered, a following that only grows over time. Their listeners are all ages, whether they've been fans for decades of just discovering the band for the first time. And they've all changed too, right alongside their fan base. Each member of the band is now married, they've had kids, and it might seem like a name change is in order. "We are Backstreet Men, but we're not gonna change the name," they joked. With other boy-named bands such as Pet Shop Boys, the Beastie Boys, the Beach Boys... there's definitely precedent to keep the name. Cheers to an exciting 2018 for Backstreet Boys, and all of you reading this! Hear Christine Lee and Gina J's complete interview with the Boys up top!